International sending: 5 tips from Alstonville PO

Glenn Faulkner from the Alstonville Post Office, NSW, shares his five tips for getting your international parcel to its destination safe and sound.

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Alstonville Post Office manager, Glenn Faulkner, describes his town as a “rural village halfway between the larger centres of Lismore and Ballina.” 

“We get about 50 international parcels dropped off at our Post Office each week by different business,” Glenn says. “The contents could be anything from macadamia nuts and tea to motorbike parts and T-shirts.”

Here are Glenn’s top five tips for getting your international sending right. 

Tip 1: Make sure your lodgement forms are complete

We often find missing details on lodgement forms for Express sending. Many times, the business leaves out the recipient’s contact details and this can result in delivery delays or the parcel being returned to sender. So it’s really important to provide as much recipient detail as possible, including their phone number.

Tip 2: Be aware of import restrictions in other countries

Different countries have different import restrictions so always check the posting requirements around the country’s specific regulations. Some countries also limit the sending of express items to certain addresses, like PO Boxes. If your parcel doesn’t comply with these limitations, it’ll be returned to you.  Rules and guidelines for sending to overseas can be found in the international post guide on the Australia Post website. 

Tip 3: List your product’s tariff code 

Not listing the tariff code for a particular product may lead to delivery delays. These codes are easily found online, and we find they help parcels move faster through customs. If you are sending multiple parcels you can complete your customs declaration online or alternatively use MyPost Business to pre prepare your label and save time when you arrive at the post office

Tip 4: Go the extra mile to protect your parcel 

Many businesses tend to forget about insuring their item or adding other requirements, like signature on delivery, for extra protection. Insurance offers more peace of mind, while signature on delivery assures the customer their parcel won’t be left unattended. I recommend both, even though all parcels do have tracking codes.

Tip 5: Pack the contents well

Choose the right packaging to ensure that the contents of your parcel don’t move around too much during the long journey. We have a range of products to help with that, from prepaid envelopes and satchels to boxes and a variety of bubble wrap options. There’s also the new Flex & Seal range to keep your parcel’s contents snug and safe.

Want to know more?

Like Glenn, your local Post Office manager is a fantastic resource of knowledge and information for all your business needs. Pop by for a chat to pick up a few good tips on starting, growing or expanding your business. Find your local post office here

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