Unaddressed mail


Place a 'No Junk Mail' or 'Addressed Mail Only' sign or sticker on your letterbox if you don't wish to receive catalogues and other unaddressed mail items. Our postal delivery officers are instructed not to deliver unaddressed mail to letterboxes with this signage.1

Please note: Material deemed to be political, educational, religious and charitable is exempt from "No Junk Mail" signed letterboxes according to standards developed by the Australian Catalogue Association.

Addressed promotional mail


Register on the Association for Data-driven Marketing & Advertising's (ADMA) 'Do Not Mail' register to stop receiving mail from any businesses you don't currently deal with.

Please note: Registrations only relate to ADMA member companies so may not stop all unwanted promotional mail. If you want to stop receiving mail from a specific business or businesses, then you will need to contact the business directly and advise them to take your name off their mailing list. 

Australia Post only delivers about 10 per cent of unaddressed mail delivered to Australian households. We cannot guarantee that other unaddressed mail delivery companies will do the same.