(upbeat music plays)
Fade in from black, a wide panning shot of scenic snow covered mountains and trees in the foreground. As the sun peaks just above one of the mountain tops, the title ‘Japan with Chloe Ting’ appears in the top centre of the screen.
Cut to a birds-eye-view behind a four-wheel-drive driving down the centre of a snow covered road. To either side are lined with trees and mountain tops are in the distance.
The next scene shows a birds-eye-view of the same car driving down another road past snow covered buildings and tree tops, it’s the only car on the street.
Cut to a scenic shot of a walking bridge which crosses over a frozen river. In the foreground is snow covered trees and the white river bank, and in the background, behind the footbridge, are snow covered treetops and mountains.
Followed by another shot of the same footbridge, but from above. There is icy water below and the river banks are covered in snow. The shot cuts to a birds-eye-view further up the river. On either side of the blue water are snow covered trees and shrubs. The shot zooms in closer to the river, and zooms back out again further up the river. As the camera pulls out there is a running waterfall surrounded by snow.
The next shot shows more scenery of the snow covered forest, with a wall of white trees to the right, a car bridge in the middle ground, and an expansive hillside to the left.
The drone footage continues over a small lake in between the snow covered trees in the forest. It cuts back out to a wider shot of homes among the trees, also covered in snow, and the rolling hills in the background.
Cut to a point-of-view shot from the seat of a chairlift. Passengers in the chairlift seat in front of the camera have skis and snowboards as the shot climbs up the mountain between the trees. It then cuts to another birds-eye-view of a snowboarder skating down the snowy mountain, navigating between trees. Rolling snow covered hills and trees go far into the distance.
It then cuts to a long shot of another snowboarder leisurely skating down a hill, with the blue sky and mountains behind them.
This is followed by a similar scenic shot of a skier coming to a stop at the bottom of a hill, with the camera looking toward them with the blue sky as the background. This shot pauses briefly as the person’s skis flick snow up toward the camera. The same shot then plays reverse.
Cut to a mid-shot of a young woman, Chloe, facing away from the camera, holding onto a railing, looking at the view of the rolling snow-covered mountains in the distance and water beneath her. This shot cross-fades with the next, a time lapse of a busy pedestrian crossing. In the foreground is a person on the street blowing a whistle, behind them are many people walking across the street and around surrounding buildings. The next shot is a time lapse of another pedestrian crossing, the focal point of which is a person in traditional Japanese dress crossing much slower than the sped-up people around them.
The next scene is a mid-shot of Chloe from behind her. She is standing on a footpath taking a photo of the buildings in front of her as people walk leisurely past. The next shot is a slow pan from bottom to top of a Japanese temple, followed by a right-to-left pan of more traditional temples. Many people are walking through and surrounding the buildings.
Then a mid-shot of five sculptures hanging on an outside wall of a building. We then cut to another mid-shot again following Chloe as she walks down a quaint street. All of the buildings have similar wall-art hung up outside for people to view. There are dozens of other people on the same street looking at the art and buildings.
Cut to a close-up of a deer staring inquisitively into the camera. The shot pulls out and Chloe is sitting by two deer on a bank by the side of a river. She laughs as they rub their noses together.
The next shot is a time-lapse of a very busy train station, with countless people walking past and very large intricate artwork on the wall behind them. This is followed by another time lapse on a train station platform with people exiting and boarding a train to the right, and other people walking along another platform to the left. As the train on the right departs the platform, the scene cuts to the point-of-view from the front of the train. The time lapse of the train journey zooms through the city and blurring lights and into a tunnel which seamlessly transitions to another time lapse. The next begins on a footbridge and quickly approaches a large lodge immersed among the forest trees. The lapse stops and slows for a pan across the front of the building, showing the large entrance steps to the building and the sun peeking through the trees behind.
Cut to a mid-to long shot following Chloe again down a path outside in the forest. The ground and the trees are covered under piles of snow. She reaches up as she walks, catching the snow that’s still falling.
The next shot pans across a view of a footbridge over a lake, with either side of the water covered with snow. The sides are lined with trees, and mountains are in the distance behind the bridge.
Next is shot from the ground looking up; there is the illusion of the snow covered trees reaching the blue sky as the camera spins around. It quickly pulls out and cuts back in to a new shot of an igloo sitting on flat snow-covered area. There’s another igloo to the left, grassy mountains in the background and blue sky above. As the camera pans around and enters the igloo, we cut to a mid-shot behind Chloe, as she looks out from behind a wooden railing on a view of the ocean and the mountains.
The following scene follows Chloe as she walks down a boardwalk by the side of a lake. The water is covered in fog and the sidewalk is under a mound of snow. In the distance is the snow covered forest. The next shot shows Chloe walking through the trees, up some wooden stairs. The ground, the stairs and the trees are all covered in snow.
Cut to a pan across two wooden homes in the forest. Shot through the trees, the buildings are elevated from the ground and covered in snow.
The next shot is the point-of-view from someone travelling on a sled. Pulling the sled are six large dogs, running through the snow among the trees in the forest. Cut to an upward pan of the tall snow covered trees.
We then cut to a close-up of a local man inside a shop playing a small wooden mouth instrument. We cut back to walking behind Chloe up a path, walking through the snow covered forest as she approaches the wooden houses from before amongst the trees.
The next shot pans from right to left on some large snow sculptures of Star Wars characters. Then cuts to show another sculpture of a man riding a horse, with the Japan flag behind the sculpture and tall city buildings in the background. Then a left to right pan across more snow sculptures of childlike characters, small animals and flowers.
The next shot is a quick aerial pan around a singular house-like building, surrounded by trees and snow, before cutting back to the city location. There is a group of people on a city street watching a street performer in a full-body bear costume. People are taking photos and videos as the performer playfully pretends to eat bystanders.
Cut to a close up of a person on the street, standing outside one of the buildings, playing with a colourful spin-top toy. This shot cross fades into the next of a busy city street at night time. A man walks down a street in front of the camera with countless brightly coloured signs and shops to either side.
The next shot is a time lapse of a busy pedestrian crossing and intersection in the middle of the city at dusk. As the masses of people walk across the streets, the background of skyscrapers are covered in lights, screens and signs.
The next shot is inside a nightclub where three people in LED suits are performing on a stage. They are flooded in green laser lights from the light show happening around them. This then cuts to a mid-shot within the same colourful light show of robots and other performers in LED costumes also dancing.
The following scene is outside in a sunlit park. The camera pans across the scene of dozens of groups of people set up having picnics on the grass. Each group are spaced out beneath cherry blossom trees, eating, drinking and playing musical instruments.
The closing scene cuts to white, as the animated Australia Post logo appears, followed by the text beneath:

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Italy is arguably one of Europe’s most travelled countries and it’s not hard see why, but there’s so much more to Italy than the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. From enticing food and age-old architecture to rich culture and unparalleled history; Italy seems to be at the top of everyone’s travel list but it’s for a reason.

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