Packaging your items

Here are a few tips to help you package your parcel appropriately. For more detailed information on prohibited and restricted goods, fragile items, batteries, perishable items and more, please download our packaging guide.

Items that can't be sent in the mail

There are some items that can’t be sent in the mail because they could pose a risk to health, safety, property or the environment. These include:

  • explosives
  • gases
  • flammable liquids

There are other items that can’t be sent in the mail because they’re prohibited by law. These include:

  • live animals
  • perishable food stuffs, including fruit and chocolate
  • sharp and pointed items, including knives and shears

Download our Dangerous and prohibited goods and packaging guide (PDF 1.1MB) for more information.

Sending guidelines and postage costs

Calculate the cost and time to send your item

Use our online calculator to estimate the postage price and delivery time to send your letter or parcel within Australia or overseas. If you need more assistance, visit your local Post Office and talk to our friendly team.