International police checks may be delayed

We’re processing police checks as quickly as we can, but overseas disruptions are causing delays. Some countries and regions are not currently processing requests.

Australia Post International Police Check

If you’re new to Australia, or have spent more than six months abroad, a potential employer may request an international police check as part of their pre-employment screening.

Also known as police clearance or an international criminal history check, your Australia Post International Police Check makes the complex task of applying with multiple overseas police agencies simple.

Our checking process meets the highest international standards often required of international students, teachers and health practitioners, and is performed 100% online using digital document upload and secure document delivery.

Note: Our international police checks are suitable for background screening, for example employment and rental checks, but not for visa and immigration purposes. Some organisations have specific requirements for international police check certificates, so we recommend checking these requirements before you proceed.

How to apply

  • The application process, including document upload and delivery, is 100% online
  • Your details are checked against criminal history records in your chosen countries

Essential information

  • 190+ overseas countries and territories to choose from
  • Check with multiple countries in a single application1
  • $175 per international check
  • $61 per New Zealand check

Note: Our police checks are not suitable for visa and immigration purposes. Check with the relevant government authority where you can obtain authorised international police certificates.  

Are you a business?

Easily refer contractors, freelancers, interns, volunteers and employees to get their own police checks.

Streamline your employment screening with our Workforce Verification solution for identity, police and work visa checks.

National Police Check

Apply for your Australia Post National Police Check (Australian states and territories) online or at the Post Office, with results typically available within 2 business hours2.

1 You’ll be charged for each country selected during the 'Create Check' stage of the application.

2 If your application is flagged for manual processing it can take 15 or more business days to process your police check.