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People ride exercise bikes with blenders mounted on the front. As they pedal, their blenders mix fruit smoothies. 
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A dark-haired woman is interviewed in a garage full of exercise bikes.  

Text: Leena van Raay, Founder of Bike N' Blend.  

At different events, people ride blender bikes. 

I always get a buzz when I see bikes at an event. It just brings me a lot of joy, watching people cycle, and then they get this delicious, healthy smoothie.
On 'The Circle' Leena rings the bell of a blender bike. 

COLIN LANE: Yeah! Yeah, a little two-tone.  

YUMI STYNES: Your smoothie is ready. 

In photos, smiling people use the blender bikes at markets and festivals.  

Leena van Raay: 

Yeah, I just feel like I have created something really fun and unique, and everyone smiling, and that's always a nice feeling. 

Video projected on the garage wall shows people in suits riding blender bikes.  

Leena van Raay: 

One of our favourite events, it was a few years ago, the International Diabetes Congress. Even the CEO of the congress had a ride. Yeah, being just the centrepiece in the entire conference was such a highlight for us. 

Title: Small Business Story.  

Leena opens the garage door, revealing the van parked outside. The wheels of the bikes are decorated as fruit slices.  

Leena van Raay: 

I am Leena van Raay, the founder and creator of Bike n' Blend, the pedal-powered smoothie company. 

In a lounge room, Leena looks through an album of old work photos.  

Leena van Raay: 

So, before Bike n' Blend, I was working at Melbourne University in a research lab for about 10 years, but I just felt that something was missing. I wanted to work amongst a community, like, work in the health prevention aspect, and really engage with people about cycling and health and sustainability. It was a really good transition but, yeah, definitely a big change. 

Leena and her partner put their toddler son in a bike seat. They ride through a park. Lena rides a blender bike at a market.  

Leena van Raay: 

Cycling's always been a big part of my life. Bike n' Blend just gave me everything I wanted in that aspect.

Leena loads a bike into the van. She drives through town. Photos show smiling children and adults riding blender bikes at different events.  

Leena van Raay: 

Our first customer was Port Phillip Council. They booked us for Ride2Work Day. And I instantly just saw that there were lots of cycling events or health and sustainability events that we could be involved in, and it really did snowball from there

Leena joins a blonde woman in an office. Leena works at her desk. In photos staff wear orange aprons.  

Leena van Raay: 

Now we're in different cities, in Queensland and Brisbane and Sydney. Having access to temp staff when we need, for large events, is extremely helpful. When we vet and train people at different locations around Australia, we use a lot of online training programs and resources that we have written ourselves. 

Lena is interviewed in her garage.  

Text: Customers may be required to visit an Australia Post outlet to complete Working With Children Checks and Police Checks.  

Leena van Raay: 

Working an event, you do need your staff to have police checks and Working with Children Checks more and more these days. It's becoming a lot more common. We do this through auspost. It's easy. It's all online. 

Leena visits Australia Post and uses a Parcel Post satchel.  

Text: Please visit for Express Post service conditions.  

Leena van Raay: 

So using Australia Post helps us to simplify things and have different staff in different locations. So it's easy for us to post things that they need all the time, like special documents that need signing that we can track to different bike parts. Quite enjoyable to go to the post. It breaks up your day a little bit. It's great knowing that Australia Post is reliable, and it gives us great reassurance that everything will happen smoothly. 

Smoothie ingredients are arranged on a bench. Leena puts them in a blender.  

Leena van Raay: 

Well, I'm about to make my favourite smoothie, the Tour de France. This is about 130 mils coconut water and a little spinach. About a third of a cup of your strawberries and a whole fresh banana. Pop the lid on. 

Michelle rides a blender bike. Leena and Michelle hold up smoothies.  

Leena van Raay: 

Alright. Presenting the Tour de France smoothie, prepped by Leena and blended by Michelle.  

LEENA: Thank you. Cheers.  

MICHELLE: Cheers. 

Leena's family ride on playground equipment. In the garage, Leena organises bikes.  

Leena van Raay: 

I'm really excited about the future of Bike n' Blend, 'cause we are quite set up now, that we can choose to focus more on sustainability, using more local products. We can afford to compost our cups now that that service is available. We've really spread the health word for a long time now. We think we're going to focus more on sustainability. Getting people cycling, obviously, is a key passion of ours. 

The Australia Post logo appears on a white screen.  


Lively music.

From start up to 'smoothie' sailing: A small business adventure

Leena Van Raay worked as a medical scientist for 10 years before she founded Bike n’ Blend at the beginning of 2011. But she wanted to prevent health issues in her community, rather than cure them – so her pedal-powered smoothie business was born.

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