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People ride exercise bikes with blenders mounted on the front. As they pedal, their blenders mix fruit smoothies. 
Lively music

A dark-haired woman is interviewed in a garage full of exercise bikes.  

Text: Leena van Raay, Founder of Bike N' Blend.  

At different events, people ride blender bikes. 

I always get a buzz when I see bikes at an event. It just brings me a lot of joy, watching people cycle, and then they get this delicious, healthy smoothie.
On 'The Circle' Leena rings the bell of a blender bike. 

COLIN LANE: Yeah! Yeah, a little two-tone.  

YUMI STYNES: Your smoothie is ready. 

In photos, smiling people use the blender bikes at markets and festivals.  

Leena van Raay: