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Delivering across Australia

Providing more access to literacy resources for all Australians

COVID-19 and a lack of access to books in remote regions made it challenging for some to obtain these resources in 2020. Australia Post helped ensure ongoing access to literacy materials by accommodating the needs of the Public Library Service in South Australia and through its partnership with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

How Cue took fashion styling online

With the right combination of AI technology, fast store-to-door fulfilment and an expert team of virtual stylists, Cue has elevated expectations of the online fashion shopping experience. Cue’s CIO Shane Lenton shares how COVID-19 gave them a sense of purpose and urgency to respond.

Reading the tea leaves: how Pine Tea & Coffee shifted from wholesale to online

Family-owned and operated Pine Tea & Coffee supplied tea to the hospitality industry for more than two decades before COVID-19 forced many of its customers to close or scale back operations. Co-founder Lesley Pine explains how Australia Post helped her business sell direct to consumers during the pandemic.

Online shopping - trends, growth and buying habits in Australia

Stay ahead of the holiday rush

Here’s what you need to know to start planning your gifting and mailing strategy to best connect with your customers before the next peak hits.

How Super Retail Group improved customer experience

Ethan Orsini, General Manager Omni Fulfilment at Super Retail Group, shares how the surge in online shopping increased the need to own the full customer experience.

Bindle: Preparing for the Christmas peak in amidst roaring sales

Bindle founder, Catherine Blackford, is still catching her breath from roaring sales during the pandemic even as she prepares for the next peak season - Christmas.

Aussie pride in Australian made: Why more Aussies are buying local

Australians are shopping online more than ever. But research shows most Aussies are choosing to shop local, spending more on locally made products. We explain the rise of the Shop Local trend.

How to attract and retain new online shoppers

Online shopping habits changed when COVID-19 restrictions forced store closures. To attract and retain this new audience, businesses will need to address traditional online shopping barriers.

How the pandemic has changed online shopping in Australia

Our latest eCommerce insights report examines the impact the pandemic has had on the industry so far this year, and look back at the key trends that emerged in 2019.

Simplifying business – a better way of working

Why community connections matter more than ever

Regional communities are seeing service closures – but some may be poised for post-pandemic growth; especially as Australians still value physical connections.

Mental health at Christmas: How to take care of yourself and your business

The lead up to Christmas can be stressful for many businesses even in an ordinary year. In a year riddled with uncertainty, taking care of your own and your people’s mental health is just as important as turning a profit. Here’s how Beyond Blue and other business are doing that.

How your marketing strategy can take you from surviving to thriving

When times are tough, the first instinct of many businesses is to slash their marketing budget. You might want to consider doing the exact opposite. Here's how your marketing strategy could help you build momentum, strengthen customer connections and lay the groundwork for the future.

Making mental health the heart of your business recovery plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a significant toll on many Australian small business owners. Whether you're dealing with changes in revenue, operating, safety or demand, Beyond Blue shares why mental health and wellbeing should be a priority for you and your team.

Webinar resources for your eCommerce strategy

Industry experts share their observations on the state of business today, how they have responded and advice for staying ahead of the curve.

Success stories from Australian businesses

Backing local: Why RedBalloon believes in building communities

RedBalloon’s Founder Naomi Simson says local marketplaces can help Australians connect with small businesses, and these experiences can bring people together while also rebuilding regional economies. She shares three considerations for expanding your reach.

Behind closed doors: How Four Pillars Gin retained its entire workforce during COVID-19

Four Pillars Gin had three things going for it when the pandemic hit - an online store, strong relationships and a unique position to create a highly coveted product. This is how it kept its entire workforce intact.

Paperlust: Setting a benchmark for stationery design in Australia

The clever idea of connecting designers and customers has taken Paperlust from garage-sized operation to market-leading multi-million-dollar business in just four years.

International shipping - taking your business overseas

International expansion props up profits for Graceland Designs

Expanding to international markets has proven lucrative for Graceland Designs, a home-based business that ships innovative photography props from Sydney to professional photographers around the world.

DreamyMoons: Growing internationally with MyPost Business

Three years ago Annie Tarasova launched DreamyMoons, a business encouraging people to manifest their dreams through her illustrations. Today her artwork has found their way into the homes of people all over the world.

Expanding to NZ: Lessons from three Australian businesses

A shared language, similar cultures and close Trans-Tasman relations make it easy for Australia businesses to ship to NZ. Three businesses share their experience.

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