Current delivery times and service changes

We're delivering as quickly and safely as we can, but items may take longer than usual to arrive right now. We've had to change some of our services in response to record volumes and ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

Still waiting?

Over 90% of late items arrive within 5 days of their expected delivery date.

If the delivery is taking much longer than we expected, there's a few things worth checking before we begin an investigation.

Things to check

  • Tracking
    If your item was sent using a tracked service you can track it to check the status.
  • Card received
    Check if a notification card is in your letterbox or under your door – your item may have been delivered to the Post Office.
  • Accepted on your behalf
    Check if someone else at home or work accepted or signed for the item on your behalf. If you live or work in a large building, check with building management or the mailroom to see if they have it.
  • Address details
    Check the address details with the sender – they may have made a mistake when addressing the item.
  • Known service delays
    If you are sending or waiting on an item from overseas, you can check for any known international delays by viewing our international updates. Domestic service disruptions are listed on our domestic updates page. 

Submit an enquiry

Are you a business customer?

Log in to the Business Support Portal to access priority support, track items and manage your enquiries 24/7.

All other customers

Please complete a missing item form. You can do this as soon as you believe your item is missing. We’ll begin an investigation once your item meets the following conditions:

Domestic item

  • At least 1 business day late.

International item

  • International Courier or International Express item that is at least 1 business day late
  • International Standard or Registered Post International item that is at least 10 business days late
  • International Economy Air item with Signature on Delivery that was posted at least 30 days ago
  • International Economy Sea or any other International Economy Air item that was posted at least 90 days ago.

Completing the form

To complete the missing item form you’ll first need to log in or sign up to MyPost. We’ll then ask:

  • for your contact details
  • for the item tracking number
  • whether you’re the sender or recipient
  • whether the item is a letter or parcel
  • how the item was sent (for example Express or Regular Post)
  • what the ‘from’ and ‘to’ postcodes were (or your best guess)
  • when the item was sent
  • for the address on the item
  • for a detailed description of the contents.

Once you submit the form we’ll provide you with a reference number (you can also get updates by logging in).

We’ll usually be in touch within one business day to discuss your case.

What happens next?

During an investigation, to gather information and work out where your item is, we may contact:

  • the sender
  • customs and quarantine (for international items)
  • the overseas mail authority (for international items)
  • the delivery centre that prepared your item for delivery
  • lost property at our mail redistribution centre
  • the delivery driver
  • your local Post Office or the mailroom at your work (depending on where you item was delivered).

We’ll update you as information about your item becomes available. If your item is delivered, we’ll automatically close your case (you don’t need to do anything).

If your item hasn’t been delivered 5 days after the expected delivery date we’ll get in touch to discuss next steps for your investigation.


If your item is lost or damaged in transit, you may be entitled to compensation.