Compensation for delayed items

For Express Post items, we commit to complying with the next day delivery guarantee. If we don't deliver your Express Post item in line with this guarantee, we will refund the cost of posting your parcel as compensation. Visit Express Post guarantee for full details and service conditions including details of the compensation available.

For all other items we endeavour to deliver your item within the estimated timeframe for delivery, however as a postal service carrier we do not guarantee specific day delivery, only delivery within a reasonable timeframe.

Compensation for lost or damaged items

Australia Post will exercise due care and skill in supplying you with our services. However, the nature of postal services is such that circumstances may impact on the successful delivery of your article.

Our services are generally suitable for sending items up to $100 in value. If your item is valued over $100, you should purchase Extra Cover which provides compensation for loss or damage for up to $5,000 (or $500 for some services).

Most of our services come with up to $100 compensation for loss or damage. Should your item be lost or damaged, and you haven’t purchased Extra Cover, you may be entitled to compensation of up to $100 and a refund of postage (proof of value may be required). This applies for most items you send with us. Claims for compensation are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Subject to the Australia Post Terms and Conditions, the Australian Postal Corporation Act 1989, and the Australian Consumer Law, Australia Post does not accept liability for any consequential or indirect loss or damage arising due to any failure related to our service.

Neither the compensation included with our service nor the purchase of Extra Cover limits any rights or remedies you may have under the Australian Consumer Law.

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What’s not eligible for compensation or Extra Cover?

Extra Cover payment or compensation is not available for loss or damage to any items you’ve sent with us:

  • where there is no proof of lodgement (for example, a postage or lodgement receipt or the tracking sticker found on certain prepaid satchels and envelopes)
  • which contain bank notes, bullion, or similar items
  • which contain any items or dangerous goods that are prohibited from carriage either by Australia Post or by the postal service of the country you mail an international item to
  • which were seized, confiscated or destroyed by Customs or any government authority
  • which were not adequately packed and packaged, or
  • where damage was not caused or contributed to by Australia Post.

Valuable items over $100

Our services are not suitable for sending valuable items that are over $100 in value, including such things as coins and passports, unless Extra Cover is purchased. The carriage of coins must comply with Australia Post Terms and Conditions.

These exclusions do not limit any rights or remedies that you may have under the Australian Consumer Law.