Why promote the AusPost app?

Our app is designed to improve the delivery experience for your customers, which in turn benefits your business.

Businesses whose customers use the AusPost app have reported a reduction in customer enquiries and an improvement in NPS by an average of six points.

Read more about how promoting the Auspost App can help your business.

Benefits to your business

Improve your NPS

Our app lets your customers choose when, where and how their parcels are delivered. With 7,500+ collection points nationwide, your customers have more options, helping to improve first time delivery and NPS.

Increase customer satisfaction

Your customers can update delivery preferences even while their parcel is in transit, which increases first time delivery - resulting in satisfied customers.

Gain better visibility

Our app provides greater visibility as the parcel moves through our network, with more notifications compared to website and email tracking updates.

Reduce customer enquiries

Offering your customers more control, choice and visibility helps reduce enquiries. Plus, they can contact us directly via the app – giving you more time to focus on your service and growth.

Benefits to your customers

Customised notification experience

Delivery notifications can now be set according to preference, providing customers with more control over the notifications they receive for their parcels.

Refer to our fact sheet (PDF 989kB) to learn more.

More collection points

They can access our collection points, including free 24/7 Parcel Lockers and Post Offices, to receive parcels where and when they want.1

More control

They can redirect parcels even while in transit, and request for parcels to be left in a safe location if they’re not home.

More convenience

Deliveries are automatically added to the app, so your customers can easily track them without having to find or remember their tracking number.

AusPost app users are 20% less likely to enquire about their parcels. They are generally more informed and updated on their delivery – visiting ‘track’ 3.6 times more often than web-only users.2

The app is available on Android and iOS devices, including mobiles, tablets, Apple Watch and Android Smartwatch.

Get started

Help your customers reap the benefits of the AusPost app by promoting it throughout the purchase journey. Consider providing a link to the app:

When you send the delivery confirmation or tracking email.

On the confirmation screen at checkout.

Through a dedicated email campaign.

On your website's FAQ or shipping page.

To give you instructions and inspiration on how you can promote the AusPost app, we've created a toolkit to help guide you. Otherwise, you can speak to your Account Manager if you're an Australia Post customer.

Add download links to your website

The easiest way to get your customers to download the AusPost app is to embed a link on your website. To do this, simply add the source code below into your CSS where you want the link to appear. Here’s what it will look like:

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