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We're helping take local businesses from the garage to the globe, with a range of integrations to help you save time, automate your processes and improve your customer experience.

What's an integration?

An integration is simply a connection between two platforms, allowing information to flow between them. With a MyPost Business or Parcel Contract account, there are various ways to integrate your systems, either with our eCommerce partners, or directly via our suite of APIs. Integrating allows you to:

Save time with shipping integrations

We offer a range of shipping integrations to help you save time and improve customer experience.

Integrate with our shipping platform partners

Connect your MyPost Business or Parcel Contract account with a shipping platform or app, like Starshipit, ShipStation or Shippit. This allows you to generate, print and pay for your shipping labels straight from your shipping platform that connects to your sales channels.

Integrate MyPost Business with eBay

If you sell your products on eBay, you can process orders directly from MyPost Business by connecting your accounts.

API integrations for Parcel Contract

By directly integrating with our shipping and tracking APIs, you can have full control of how information appears on your sales channels and systems. You may need a website developer to do this.

Are you a developer? Start integrating using our API developer centre.

Our eCommerce partners

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Spend $50+ over 4 weeks on parcel sending?

With smart sending tools and no eligibility criteria, MyPost Business saves you time while your parcels can earn you savings.

Send 2,000+ domestic parcels a year?

Parcel Contract offers an annual contract with fixed rates, and more delivery, pick-up and integration options.

More integration options for Parcel Contract customers

Set up secure online payments

Let your customers pay their way by offering payment options they can trust. Give them the flexibility to pay via credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay or subscription payments.