Step 1. Select and download your booking form

We recommend downloading and completing the forms using Adobe Acrobat Reader on your desktop, as some elements may not work properly within your browser window.

Step 2. Complete your booking form

You can complete your form online and save it in PDF format. Or, you can print, complete and scan the form.

Remember, if you’re booking our Premium service, you’ll need to return your form before 5pm on the Wednesday prior to your required delivery date. For our Standard service, return your form before 5pm 10 business days before your required delivery date.

Step 3. Email us

To finalise your booking, email us and attach your completed booking form.

If you're using Campaign Targeter, make sure you include your downloaded campaign booking file.

For other booking types, attach a spreadsheet detailing your target delivery areas.

We’ll confirm the details with you – or your mailing agent – when we’ve accepted your booking.

Booking often? Try our online booking system

Download the online booking registration form (PDF 44kB). Once completed, email it to If you have any questions please call 1300 223 571.