Key delivery insights 2021

The inaugural Delivery Experience Report analyses data captured from more than 400 million parcel deliveries per year to 12.3 million physical delivery points, 3.3 million Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey responses and 5.7 million contacts to our call centre. From this data, clear opportunities to improve the delivery experience emerge.

Reduce signature on delivery

Reducing signature on delivery can reduce the carding rate by up to 89%.

Consider apartment-dwellers

Deliveries to apartments are accelerating faster than all other delivery locations, yet have the lowest first time delivery and NPS.

Offer more collection points

By giving customers the option to select alternative collection points, NPS improves and the speed of pick-up increases.

Impacts on first time delivery by category

There are three key factors impacting first time delivery rates for parcels: the number of online shoppers who live in apartments; the use of alternative collections points; and the use of signature on delivery vs. authority to leave. Explore these factors – pre and during COVID – across the different retail categories.

Download the 2021 Delivery Experience Report.

How Australian retailers are improving their delivery experience

Retailers share their strategies for ensuring the best possible delivery experience – from setting clear expectations at checkout, to offering more collection points, removing the requirement for signature on delivery and even reconsidering the way parcels are packaged. Read their stories below.

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