We're working hard to make receiving your mail and parcels more convenient than ever before.

e.g. AA123BB2234

Alternative delivery addresses

Home isn’t your only delivery address. Now, you can choose from thousands of convenient collection locations across Australia.1

Manage deliveries in transit

Change of plans? Won’t be home to sign for a delivery? No problems. Have your parcel redirected to a different address, or left in a safe place.2

Collecting missed deliveries

Learn how to transfer items to a different post office, or arrange for someone else to collect them for you. 

Delayed, lost or damaged items

If your parcel or letter hasn't arrived as expected, we'd like to help you find it.
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Manage your mail

Moving house or need a more secure place to receive your mail? You're in the right place.

Shop with a US address (ShopMate)

Get a free US address with ShopMate. Shop online at US stores and get your parcels forwarded to you in Australia.