Take the guesswork out of promotional mail

With customer insights and mapping features at your fingertips, you'll identify your target audiences and locate them with precision.

Free access to prized customers insights

Use valuable psychographic and behavioural data to get to know your target audience. Not just where they are, but who they are. And what makes them tick.

Helix Personas®

Target customers by lifestyle, attitudes, behaviours and values, using consumer segments by Roy Morgan Research.

Select from 56 Helix Personas® to locate and view target customers while mapping your campaign.

Consumer behaviours

Pinpoint your target audience based on their specific buying habits, with Activities and Interests data — also by Roy Morgan Research.

Find out who regularly reads their promotional mail, for starters.

Census demographics

Cast the net a little wider by targeting customers based on their age, gender or household income range.

It’s all captured in the latest ABS Census data.

Pinpoint your customers on the map

Increase effectiveness by specifying exactly where your mail should be delivered. Target suburbs, postcodes and electorates. Even a single postal round.

With our flexible and easy-to-use mapping features, you can:

  • Drop a pin and nominate a radius
  • Draw a custom boundary
  • Use a reference layer (e.g. postcode, suburb, electoral boundaries)
  • Upload your own location shapefile

Then choose from our reliable bulk mail options

Manage cost versus coverage, using our great-value mail services. Go for the cost-effective delivery of Unaddressed Mail, or target right down to 400 households with Acquisition Mail.

Manage multiple stores or locations

Customise your Campaign Targeter account to meet the needs of your business. It's simple enough to use, and smart enough to scale.

With a single account, you can:

  • Create sub-accounts for each store or location
  • Manage multiple users and access privileges
  • Collaborate with your mail house or media agency

Take the guided tour

Watch a short video to see our Campaign Targeter tool in action.

Text: Using Campaign Targeter

Audio: Campaign Targeter allows you to create effective promotional mail campaigns in four easy steps.

Text: 4 easy steps

Audio: First, register an account for your business or organisation, invite users and configure your account to suit your business and marketing needs.

Text: Create your account

Audio: Next, map your campaign catchment areas, using easy tools to accurately target where and who you’re delivering to.

Text: Map your campaign

Audio: Then, preview a summary of what you have mapped by reviewing the Summary Report. Once you are satisfied with your selections, finalise your campaign.

Text: Finalise your campaign

Audio: Finally, book your campaign by simply downloading your campaign booking files and providing them to the appropriate Australia Post mail services.

Text: Register and create your account

Audio: To get started, register and create a customer account for your business. You can then invite users and create sub-accounts. You can also take advantage of more advanced features like uploading your own location shape files, a helpful feature if you frequently create campaigns for multiple locations.

Video: Screen capture showing various key screens in time with narration.

Audio: Once you’ve configured your customer account, you’re ready to create a new campaign. After entering some basic details it’s time to map your campaign.

TEXT: Mapping your campaign

Audio: On the mapping screen, you’ll find useful options for customising your campaign. Campaign Targeter offers several ways to map your campaign. Before starting, consider your needs and what’s important to you for effective mapping.

Text: Stop and think

Audio: For instance, if your campaign needs to focus on a broad geographic area, you can either drop a pin to create a simple catchment radius, or draw a custom catchment area. If you need to target a predefined geographic area, such as a suburb, postcode, government or electoral division, you can add the relevant Reference Layer. Or, to target customers based on demographics such as age, gender and income or Helix Personas®, you can select options from the “Who” tab, then view an overlay of your audience on the map. Helix Personas combine sophisticated psychographic data to classify the Australian population based on attitude, lifestyle and behaviour. You can then refine your catchment areas to align with your target audience. mWith your catchment area set, you can preview the chosen delivery areas. The Campaign Summary will provide delivery counts and indicative costs.

TEXT: Catchment Preferences

Audio: Campaign Targeter gives you simple options to manage the cost vs coverage of reaching the addresses in your defined catchment area. If you are looking for 100% catchment coverage, your delivery area will need to extend beyond the

Video: Split screen: Screen capture of preferences and graphic diagram illustrating concepts of coverage and overlaps.

Audio: However, if you must only deliver within the catchment boundary, you can select the appropriate catchment preferences that will get you as close as possible to 100% catchment coverage.

Video: Split screen: Screen capture of preferences and graphic diagram illustrating concepts greater coverage within the boundary (SA1s).

Audio: These preferences utilise Australia Post’s Unaddressed Mail and Acquisition Mail services.

TEXT: Unaddressed Mail and Acquisition Mail

Audio: Unaddressed mail offers a lower cost option and is delivered to all business and residential addresses in a postal round whereas Acquisition Mail provides a semi-addressed solution that allows you to target residential addresses at an SA1 level. This option offers greater accuracy, making it possible to target approximately 400 households per SA1.

Video: Show graphic diagram illustrating how rounds and SA1s can be utilised, with labels for Postal Rounds and SA1s.

Audio: You can create campaigns using Unaddressed Mail or Acquisition Mail. It is also possible to create a campaign with both products.

Video: Screen shot of radius drop pin and both SA1 and Round areas shaded.

Audio: For more information about Unaddressed Mail and Acquisition Mail, refer to auspost.com.au.

TEXT: auspost.com.au
TEXT: Book your campaign

Audio: With mapping complete, you can save your campaign for future reference. The Campaign Summary Report provides an overview of your campaign. You can download and save it to your computer or device. When you are ready to book your campaign, download the booking files, making sure you download all available files. You will have a separate booking files for Unaddressed Mail and Acquisition Mail depending on your chosen campaign preferences. Complete the booking process by lodging your booking files . Note, the booking and lodgement process for Unaddressed Mail and Acquisition Mail are different. Find out more about the specifics by reading the Product Guides.

Video: Book screen with mouse pointing to Book UM Book AM and the product guides link.

Audio: For more helpful information and to register, visit auspost.com.au/campaigntargeter

TEXT: auspost.com.au/campaigntargeter

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