Take the guesswork out of promotional mail

With customer insights and mapping features at your fingertips, you'll identify your target audiences and locate them with precision.

Free access to prized customers insights

Use valuable psychographic and behavioural data to get to know your target audience. Not just where they are, but who they are. And what makes them tick.

Helix Personas®

Target customers by lifestyle, attitudes, behaviours and values, using consumer segments by Roy Morgan Research.

Select from 56 Helix Personas® to locate and view target customers while mapping your campaign.

Consumer behaviours

Pinpoint your target audience based on their specific buying habits, with Activities and Interests data — also by Roy Morgan Research.

Find out who regularly reads their promotional mail, for starters.

Census demographics

Cast the net a little wider by targeting customers based on their age, gender or household income range.

It’s all captured in the latest ABS Census data.