Here are 5 ways a PO Box will make your life easier

  • Safely store important letters and parcels until you’re ready to collect them1

  • Protect your privacy by not revealing your home address

  • Get access 24/72 for your convenience

  • Don’t miss another parcel delivery

  • Keep the same address, even when you move3

Choose the right option for you

PO Box

A Post Office Box (PO Box) is the most popular solution for general use. Choose from a range of PO Box sizes and lease durations to suit your needs. And it’s not just for letters – it works for your parcels too.

Private Bag

A Private Bag is the best way to manage your mail if you live in a rural or remote area of Australia. Apply in-store only.
Run a business? You might prefer a GPO Box address or Locked Bag instead.

Apply for a PO Box

Apply online, or download and complete an application form, then take it to a participating Post Office. Don’t forget to bring the required ID.

Pricing and set-up

You can lease a box or bag for up to 1 year and then renew it annually, if you want to. You’ll also get a discount on your annual lease when you pay your renewal on time (31 March each year).

Our pro rata pricing runs from 1 April until 31 March the following year.

For new leases, you'll pay an establishment fee, and what's left of the annual pro rata price, depending on what month you take out your lease. The pro rata charge for each month is one twelfth of the annual fee.

Any lease that starts in February or March will include charges for a full year in addition to pro rata fees.