Free mail redirection for up to 12 months is available to the following people:

Victims of domestic violence

Family and domestic violence is the biggest cause of homelessness in Australia. If you need help staying connected, we’ll make sure your mail still gets to you. You’ll also have the one-off option of free PO Box access for up to 22 months.

Caretakers of deceased estates

To apply, you must be the executor or administrator of the estate (or a family member if these roles were not appointed).

Victims of natural disasters

You may be eligible for up to 12 months free mail redirection if a major natural disaster impacts your mail delivery (personal mail only). We’ll let affected residents in the region know if this is available to them.

How to apply

You can apply in-person at any Post Office in Australia. Please make sure you bring the following documentation with you:


In addition, you’ll need to bring the following to prove your claim for free services

  • For victims of domestic violence: either an intervention order, statutory declaration from the police, or notice on an approved