How prepared are you and your business in the face of disaster?

Emergencies like bushfires, drought and flood can have a devastating impact on communities and local businesses. That’s why Australia Post is partnering with Australian Red Cross to help them prepare for and recover from disasters.

How your marketing strategy can take you from surviving to thriving

When times are tough, the first instinct of many businesses is to slash their marketing budget. You might want to consider doing the exact opposite. Here's how your marketing strategy could help you build momentum, strengthen customer connections and lay the groundwork for the future.

Payment options to help you get back to business faster

Every minute matters when you're a small business owner. The less time you spend on admin like late payments, the more time you have to focus on increasing revenue. This is where more payment options can help.

Preserving and strengthening customer bonds

As your customers’ lives have changed, so have their needs. Understanding how Australians’ circumstances have shifted during the pandemic, and serving them with empathy and dependability throughout recovery, may help you earn their long-term loyalty.

Making mental health the heart of your business recovery plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a significant toll on many Australian small business owners. Whether you're dealing with changes in revenue, operating, safety or demand, Beyond Blue shares why mental health and wellbeing should be a priority for you and your team.

MyPost Business: Helping small businesses get back on their feet

Australia Post is supporting small businesses is by offering a new MyPost Business discount band with a lower parcel send volume requirement. In a nutshell, the more you send the more you save.

Re-imagining business to prepare for a ‘new’ tomorrow

There’s no doubt 2020 is testing businesses of all sizes, with many seeing revenue streams vanish overnight and others having to quickly shift to home-based workspaces. How are they adapting and preparing for what’s next?

Why successful retail stores focus on building communities and connections

World-leading brand and retail expert Mary Portas, believes retailers need to leverage the power of what she calls ‘the kindness economy’ to succeed in Australia’s competitive retail industry.

How Australian retailers can nurture customer loyalty in an eCommerce world

At a time when bricks and mortar stores are up against the popularity and convenience of online shopping, world-leading brand and retail expert, Mary Portas, says traditional store owners need to adopt new strategies to build loyalty from their customers.

Co-working hubs: Where convenience meets collaboration

Co-working hubs in Australia are expected to almost triple by 2030. Three business owners explain why they’ve chosen this collaborative way of working.

The simple way to get started with business networking 

Networking is crucial in the business world but it isn’t something that every business owner enjoys. Here’s an easy way to get started.

4 questions to help you build a winning business referral strategy

Building a referral strategy is one of the most reliable ways to grow your business. These four questions will help you win more leads.

Tips for branding your small business

Looking to build branding for your business? Consider every level of the customer experience… there’s much more to your brand than having an eye-catching logo.

6 things to do before hiring a staff member for your business

Bringing a new employee into your business is a major commitment — follow these steps to set you on the path to finding the right people.

How to help your temp staff hit the ground running

How do you train a temp staff quickly enough for them to dive right into the work? These five on-boarding tips will help.

Can custom packing increase brand loyalty?

Product packaging has a big influence on the customer experience so yours needs to stand out. Custom packaging may be the answer.

Networking tips for small business owners

It's no secret that small business owners are incredible multi-taskers who often need to learn new things in order to work on every part of their business themselves - because they largely work independently or with small teams.

Greener small business: 10 of the best money savers

Small and home-based business owners are constantly strapped for time, so implementing a greener approach isn’t often a priority. But maybe it’s time to make it one.

10 ways to improve business and consumer data security

10 ways you can improve your data security including what to look out for when using encrypted cloud storage and tips for your team when working online.

The four-point checklist to improve your hiring process

When your business success hinges on your people, your hiring process shouldn’t be a hit or miss. This four-point checklist will guide you towards making.

Using social media metrics to build brand engagement

What can social media metrics tell you about how consumers perceive your brand? And which metrics really matter? A social media expert explains.

Entrepreneur or investor - which one are you?

Many of us have thought about starting our own business with varying degrees of ambition. But investors can be equally important in driving business success.

How to generate publicity for your business

Attracting attention is a great way to generate new sales leads for your business. In our media-rich landscape with incredible amounts of readily available content, this is a challenge even for the PR professionals.

Begin the financial year with a fresh start

The end of financial year (EOFY) can be a stressful time for small business owners. But don’t let fear paralyse you.

Matching your new hire to your business needs

Unsure if your business needs a permanent or temporary hire? These five questions will help you make the right choice.

Building your online community through social media

How do you find your online tribe? According to our social media specialist, it involves transparency, the right platform and a great online persona.

Five stress management strategies to prevent burnout

We juggle many responsibilities and face all kinds of stress on a daily basis. It’s unavoidable. While a certain level of stress is good for us and motivates us to take action…

Avoid burnout and manage feeling overwhelmed at work

Burnout is a condition that does not discriminate across industry or job type. As a small business owner, your risk of burnout can be even higher. Managing your responsibilities…

Eating right for your business

When you’re a small business owner facing long hours and never-ending tasks, it’s too easy to fuel up on fast and nutritionally poor food. But you might want to rethink those eating habits because the right food could drive…

5 space-saving tips for a home business

Running a home small business can be a tight squeeze. Regardless of what systems (if any) you have in place to keep your space as organised as possible, a home office can often evolve into a chaotic, clustered mess where…

Business incubators, co-working and digital nomadism

Starting a business means spending a huge amount of time thinking about what you’re going to do. But it’s crucial to also think about where you’re going to be while you do it. This means giving careful (honest) thought to your working…

Become a dream client for your app developer

We live in a world that is upwardly mobile. More people are accessing the web through their mobiles than ever before: data from StatCounter found that 51.3 per cent of website visits…

10 time management tips for busy people

As the saying goes, we all have the same hours in the day as Beyoncé. But what does that really look like for small business owners and self-employed professionals?...

Do I need an accountant or a bookkeeper?

The terms ‘accountant’ and ‘bookkeeper’ are often used interchangeably. While they do perform similar roles, there are important differences between accountants and bookkeepers…