Commerce is easy with SecurePay

SecurePay provides a range of different online payment solutions that can help make online payments more secure. These include an all-in-one online payment solution - SecurePay Online Payments - and stand-alone payment gateways.

SecurePay Online Payments - a complete solution

SecurePay Online Payments allows your business to securely accept payments online and gives your customers more payment choices. It is a fast, simple and cost-effective way to do business online, and consists of two elements:

  • an internet merchant account that manages the authorisation and transfer of funds between your customer's credit card and your bank account
  • a payment gateway to ensure that bank card data is transmitted securely from your website to your internet merchant account and the card providers

Customers have the choice of paying with a range of credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard. SecurePay Online Payments can also be integrated with PayPal, American Express and Diners Club International. 



  • Quick online application, so you can start selling online faster

  • No need to deal with banks