Have your customers changed address and not let you know?

Illustration of 2 houses with map identifiers above them and a dotted line from one house to the other and text "Around 3.1 million Australians move house each year"
Illustration with the text "Of those that move, 80% tell us they've changed address"

Access our data by API or software

Both the API and software data solutions will help you identify:

Addresses to suppress, based on our inactive address records and deceased records

Addresses to update, based on customers who have moved and given us permission to pass on their new address details

API solution gives you

  • a technology platform that will allow support for integrated solutions and for the exposure of finality to your customer's applications (through API)
  • ability to process bulk records, which can be integrated into existing data washing workflows created by you, increasing overall speed and efficiency data washes
  • daily MRS data feed into the platform allowing for increased data frequency and quality
  • administration view of billing events increasing transparency and decreasing administrative billing time
  • access to a data partner portal view with token generations and other features

Software data solution gives you

  • weekly data updates
  • ability to run bureau-type services
  • data partner operated
  • ability to process bulk data files

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