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From bushfires, to floods, to the COVID-19 pandemic

Keeping communities connected

Staying connected is vital when disasters leave Australians without access to essential goods or services. With our vast retail footprint, Post Offices are often the sole provider of delivery and financial and government services in many rural and remote communities. And, as a Deloitte study found, they are also the most trusted – behind only the local doctor and police.1 That makes us well placed to help isolated Australians in times of crisis – no matter where they are – and extend the reach of your organisation to help you meet the needs of every citizen and customer.

During the 2019-20 bushfire crisis, affected people went to their local Post Office to get information, use the internet, and even access power when electricity was out. This ensured they could get the support they needed and stay in touch with friends and family.

Protecting health and wellbeing

One of the first challenges in a crisis is distributing essential supplies – from emergency medication to food, clothing and educational materials.

Our network has the scale and reach to deliver care packages and medical supplies to individuals; or to manage bulk storage and distribution to local service providers. For example, during the initial stages of the 2020 pandemic restrictions, we partnered with Woolworths to deliver Basics Boxes of groceries to vulnerable customers across the country. We also worked with pharmacies to get medical supplies to vulnerable Australians, and with health services to store and ship essential PPE and supplies.3

Our commitment to supporting communities extends to our on-the-ground partnerships. This work involves:

Access to cash, payment and identity services

In times of crisis, people may need access to cash to purchase essential items. However, if ATMs are offline and bank branches are closed, this can be challenging – especially in rural and remote areas.

With Bank@Post, customers of more than 80 banking and financial institutions, can make withdrawals and deposits and check balances at 3,500+ participating Post Offices around Australia. These financial services providers can also use Bank@Post4 to provide emergency relief payments.

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2 Terms and conditions apply

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4 Bank@Post is an agency service provided by Australia Post on behalf of over 80 financial institutions. Bank@Post is available at participating Post Offices. Services available are cash withdrawals, deposits and balance inquiries. Consult your financial institution for terms and conditions of the Bank@Post service. Limits apply.