Letter deliveries have changed

From 15 April 2024, estimated delivery timeframes for regular and priority letters have changed. Please note, letters may be delivered earlier than the timeframes shown on our website as we make progressive delivery model changes across the country through to the end of 2025.

Using Print Post to send your publications

Do you send out publications such as newspapers, magazines or catalogues at least twice a year? You could save money with Print Post.

As well as Priority delivery, Print Post offers the option of a lower cost Regular delivery service for non-time critical mail.


  • Save money by sorting mail and lodging it for local delivery
  • Using a fly sheet gives you more space for creative artwork and special offers
  • Items can be in envelopes or plastic wrapped
  • Delivery is secure and reliable, as your publications go with the regular mail
  • We return undelivered items to you

What you can send

With Print Post, you can send Small or Large items if you have 100 items or more of each publication. They must be a continuing printed periodical with a fixed title and be issued at least twice a year.

Items must be pre-approved by Australia Post and issued with a Print Post Publication Number, to send them via the Print Post service.

  Small Large
Maximum weight




Minimum size


88 x 138mm


88 x 138mm
Maximum size


130 x 240mm


260 x 360mm
Maximum thickness





Delivery timetables

Print Post may be sent via either Regular or Priority speed. Please see the following delivery timetable:

Print Post delivery timetable (PDF 85kB)

Get started!

To apply to use Print Post, you'll need to complete a Print Post application form (PDF 91kB).

When we've approved your application, we'll send you a Print Post publication number which must be printed on the envelope or flysheet.