What you'll need

To extend your service you'll need to provide:

  • Your 9-digit Customer Reference Number (you can find your CRN on your original application, confirmation letter and extension letter)
  • Your surname (so that we can verify your identity)

Note: please allow 3 full business days for your extension to take effect. Your extension letter includes a pay by date to guide you. If you miss the pay by date, you’ll need to take out a new service, rather than extend.

Extending while overseas

If you’re overseas2 and need to extend your service (applies to all Mail Redirection and Mail Hold service types) you can extend online or have someone lodge the change for you at the Post Office.

Important information

Currently, the option to extend any service over the phone is unavailable.

Any questions? Call us on 1300 739 826 for assistance with Mail Redirection or Mail Hold services. Otherwise, visit our Help & Support portal for FAQs and other contact options.

You can also read the Mail Redirection and Mail Hold Terms & Conditions and find out how we're protecting your privacy in relation to our services.

1 If you have a Personal or Business service, you can extend online or at the Post Office. If you're a Concession customer you can call us or visit the Post Office to extend your service. To extend a Home Office service, please visit the Post Office.

2 To extend your international service, or while overseas, extend online or have someone lodge the change on your behalf at the Post Office. Please note, some mail can't be redirected overseas, including Registered Post, Cash on Delivery, Parcel Post, Express Post and items which require customs documentation. We are not able to redirect mail from an overseas address to an Australian address. Please refer to the local postal service in the country you would like your mail redirected from.