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Not home when your parcel arrives? We can still leave it in a safe place so it’s waiting for you when you get back1.

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Why we won't leave a parcel

We won’t leave a parcel at your property if the sender strictly requires a signature on delivery, or your location is considered unsafe or inaccessible to our drivers.

Examples of unsafe locations include when:

  • the front of the property is near the street in view of passers-by
  • the location is not protected from the weather
  • our posties would have to leave their bike unattended or out of sight 
  • our posties are uncertain if there are dogs present or a pet that may interfere with the parcel delivery
  • it’s an apartment where we only have ground level, common area access
  • the driver feels that the parcel will be unsafe due to other factors (for example, there were m