Don't miss your delivery

Whether you’re out after work or won't be home until later, we can still drop your eligible delivery off at your place so it’s waiting for you when you get back1.

When is a parcel suitable to be left in a safe place?

An address must first be considered accessible and safe by our drivers. If it is, then we’ll leave it in a safe place if:

  • the parcel doesn’t require a signature, or
  • the parcel does require a signature, but the sender has instructed us it can be left in a safe place, provided us with your contact details, and you’ve chosen for us to do so.

Some examples of safe places are out of sight on your premises, at the front door, in your mailbox (if size allows), on the front porch, under carport / verandah or by the side gate.

Update your preference with your MyPost account

To have all your eligible1 parcels left in a safe place, simply update your preference with your MyPost account.

Why we won't leave a parcel

We won’t leave a parcel at your property if the sender strictly requires a signature on delivery, or your location is considered unsafe or it's not accessible by our drivers.

Examples of ‘unsafe’ locations include when:

  • the front of the property is near the street in view of passers-by
  • the location is not protected from the weather
  • our posties would have to leave their bike unattended or out of sight 
  • they are uncertain if there are dogs present or a pet that may interfere with the parcel
  • it’s an apartment where we only have ground level, common area access
  • the driver feels that the parcel will be unsafe due to other factors (for example, there were many people gathered near your property at the time of delivery)