Address validation can help your business to:

  • maximise bulk mail discounts when sending large mail volumes
  • capture accurate address data in real time in your call centre and online forms
  • keep in touch with customers more effectively
  • improve customer retention


Through correct addressing, you'll ensure that marketing material, invoices and shipments reach their destination. You'll also reduce wastage and excess print or delivery costs with compliant addressing.

In addition, accurate addressing can help:

  • increase return on investment
  • increase productivity
  • improve customer relationship management
  • improve customer and database analytics
  • standardise data capture
  • minimise duplicates

Validate address data in 3 ways

All solution providers listed below offer AMAS-approved software. AMAS (Address Matching Approval System) is the certification program we use to measure the accuracy of address matching software.


Validate address data as it's entered into your systems (great for call centre operators or customers entering address details on your website)


Validate and cleanse your data in batches (great for mailing lists before a big communication run,for eg. direct mail-out, invoice or annual report run).


Outsource your data for cleansing and validating (great when you're not ready to invest in the software for your business).