Special delivery for the vision-impaired

Sending a parcel or letter that helps the blind? In most cases, you can send it for free. For domestic letters, eligible items must weigh no more than 500g, and domestic parcels must be under 22kg. For international articles, please refer to the International post guide.

Check what items are eligible on the list below.

Eligible items

  • Correspondence, documents or literature written in completely in embossed characters as used by the blind, such as Braille or Moon
  • Aids for the teaching of Braille
  • Devices for accessing literature, or producing or displaying tactile information, including software for the translation to/from braille or Moon
  • Plates for embossing literature for the blind
  • Special paper intended solely for the blind, on the condition that any communication on the paper is wholly in Braille or Moon
  • Any form of speech recording for use by the blind
  • Large print products

In addition:

  • The sender and/or the recipient must be a blind person, or
  • The sender and/or the recipient must be an organisation we recognise as serving the needs of blind people

Send your items in 3 easy steps

  1. Submit your application form if you’re not already an approved organisation
  2. Make sure the delivery or return address is written on the outside of your article
  3. Attach an 'Articles for the Blind' label (available at Post Offices upon request), or write the words 'Materials for Use of the Blind' on your article