What is a self-represented party?

A self-represented party is a person who isn’t represented by a qualified legal practitioner, a licensed settlement agent or conveyancer in the following scenarios:

  • when a house or vacant land is being bought or sold 
  • when an owner passes away
  • if they take out a mortgage 
  • if they have lost the duplicate title 
  • if they are lodging a power of attorney (not applicable to enduring power of attorney)
  • if they are applying for the issue of a hard copy duplicate title where the current status of the duplicate title is non-issue
  • if they are lodging or withdrawing a caveat

What is a verification of identity check?

The identity check is meant to reduce the risk of fraud by requiring you to verify your identity and your authority to transact on the nominated land or property in accordance with the Verification of Identity Practice.

What is the Verification of Identity Practice?

The Western Australian Registrar of Titles and the Western Australian Commissioner of Titles have jointly issued a Verification of Identity Practice that sets out the minimum standard of verification of identity for registered proprietors and others who sign a range of real property documents that are to be lodged with Landgate.

Who needs an identity check?

You should have your identity verified if you’re:

  • buying land or property, or one of multiple purchasers buying land or property located in WA
  • selling land or property, or one of multiple owners selling land or property located in WA
  • transferring land or property to someone else, having land or property transferred to you, or one of multiple parties involved in the transfer of land or property located in WA
  • transacting on land for any of the reasons listed under acceptable property documents

How can Australia Post help?

Australia Post has been authorised by Landgate to conduct all identity checks for self-represented parties in WA. If you’re completing your own land transaction, head into a participating Post Office where we can:

  • verify your identity and authority to transact on the nominated land or property
  • take your photo (at no additional cost) 
  • witness your signature 
  • certify copies of your original identity documents

How to present your application at Australia Post

1. Ensure you have the right identity documents and the right property documents.

2. Once you’ve identified which category of identity documents you can present for identity verification, complete the online application form by selecting the appropriate link below.

Important: Your identity declarant must select ‘Identity Declarant for another person’ as the reason they’re completing an identity check.

Download and print all form(s). Do not sign the form(s). Your signature must be witnessed by an Australia Post Identity Verifier. You can list up to 6 properties on an application form.

3. Present your application and documents at any participating Australia Post Land Title ID Check post office. Find your closest participating Post Office or call 13 POST (13 76 78).

4. Your photo will be taken by Australia Post and your identity documents will be certified as true copies.

5. The identity check fee will depend on how many properties are listed in your application form and whether an identity declarant is being verified with you at the post office.

If you are transacting as a Buyer / Purchaser / Transferee the fees are as follows:

  • $89 for self-represented party identity checks using Categories 1 to 4 or 6
  • $128 for self-represented party identity checks using Categories 5a or 5b. This fee is inclusive of a fee for an identity declarant's identity check

If you are transacting for any other reason the additional fees are as follows:

  • $159 for self-represented party identity checks using Categories 1 to 4 or 6
  • $198 for self-represented party identity checks using Categories 5a or 5b. This fee is inclusive of a fee for an identity declarant's identity check
  • $50 per property for each additional property listed on the application

Fees are payable to Australia Post and can be paid in cash, EFTPOS, MasterCard or Visa. Cheques are not accepted. Part-payments and refunds are not available for these transactions.

6. After you have completed your verification of identity check at the post office.

Australia Post will conduct a land registry search to match your verified identity to the nominated property/ies and mail you a statement c