Online attackers may attempt to gain your personal or financial information or exploit you for financial gain.

Australia Post will never:

  • Call, text or email you asking for personal or financial information including password, credit card details or account information
  • Call, text or email you to request payment
  • Ask you to click on an email link to print off a label to redeem your package

If you think you’ve fallen victim to a scam, contact iDCare on 1800 595 160. You can also refer to their factsheet for more information.

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Scams targeting Australia Post customers

25 October

SecurePay Scam Alert: Beware of Fraudulent Calls and WhatsApp Messages

Australia Post has recently become aware of a concerning scam that is targeting individuals through phone calls and WhatsApp messages. Fraudsters are posing as representatives of SecurePay and contacting people with a tempting offer: a 30% discount on utility bills. Please be vigilant and cautious, as this scam is designed to deceive you and steal your money.

How the scam works

  1. Fraudsters are reaching out via phone calls or WhatsApp messages, claiming to be from SecurePay.
  2. Individuals are promised a 30% discount on their utility bill, luring them into the scam.
  3. Victims receive a fraudulent invoice with the official SecurePay logo with instructions to transfer funds to a specific bank account.

If you have been targeted by this scam, we urge you to contact the SecurePay customer service team immediately via email at or phone 1300 786 756 and provide any information you have regarding the incident.

For any other scam email, call or message appearing to be from Australia Post, you can continue reporting them via email at or contact Australia Post customer support team on 13 7678.

Here is an example of a fraudulent invoice:

Screenshot of a pdf is shown with SecurePay logo and some transactional details on a table. The name, account details, transactional values are masked.
However it shows that a 30% discount is offered and that the remaining balance has to be paid to a bank account.


10 October

Australia Post has been made aware of multiple fraudulent text messages that are circulating advising Startrack customers of an update to the delivery and prompting them to click on a link to fix a delivery issue.

Here is one example.

An image of a text message is shown with below text.
“Subject: Stratrack: The delivery attempt on October 4th. Your package is now at the post office. Track it at<masked>”

Once clicked, the link will lead to fake Startrack website which is designed to steal your personal and financial information.