Title Appears “How to spot SMS scams!” with Australia Post logo in the background

Animation starts

A mobile Phone screen is displayed. A message thread is shown from sender ‘AusPost’

Three messages already displayed in the message thread. Another message comes which looks similar.

Another message arrives and joins as the last message in this thread.

First 3 messages are marked with a green border except for the last message which gets a red border and a big “SCAM” stamped on it.

‘SCAM” stamp disappears and the screen is zoomed to show the sender ID which is AusPost

On right hand side to the phone screen, message appears as “Cyber criminals will try and impersonate trusted brands like Australia Post to get customers to reveal important personal and financial information”

The sender ID ‘Auspost’ is circled and at the same time the phrase – “impersonate trusted brands like Australia Post” is highlighted in red.

The screen now shifts to the right and scrolls to the bottom to show the scam SMS.

One left hand side to the phone screen, message appears as

“Look for:

Non-Australia Post web address

Unusual sense of urgency “

The text stays and the phrase – “Non-Australia Post web address” is highlighted in red while the web address in the scam text also circled in red. This web address is different than the web addresses that are shown in the legitimate texts.

Previous phrase turn to black and the other phrase –“Unusual sense of urgency