Create something unique for your next special occasion with a Personalised Stamp. Choose from a range of stamp designs and stick them on your invitations. Start personalising your stamps today!

View Personalised Stamp prices, and check our photo specifications and terms & conditions before placing your order.

How to order Personalised Stamps

1. Upload your photo

Use our easy online editor to get your image just right.

2. Select how many

Each sheet features 20 stamps. The more sheets you order, the more you save.

3. Get in 2 weeks

Your stamps will take around 10 business days to arrive in the mail.

Buy Personalised Stamps

$1.10 Domestic Stamp

From $35 (sheet of 20)

$2.20 Domestic Stamp

From $57 (sheet of 20)

$2.10 New Zealand

From $55 (sheet of 20)

Personalised Stamps pricing

Each sheet of Personalised Stamps contains 20 stamps of the same design, with a minimum order of 1 sheet.

Photo specifications

  • File type: JPG
  • Minimum file size: for best results a minimum file size of 1MB is recommended
  • Maximum file size: 2MB
  • Exposure: Photos that are too dark or too light are unsuitable. In some cases you can lighten or darken images yourself before uploading them if you have photo editing software.
  • Orientation: Vertical orientation is preferable, although horizontal orientation is also acceptable.
  • Image: A sharp, close-up shot is ideal. The printed image is small so photos with a lot of detail will be hard to see. You can use the zoom function when you upload your photo to zoom and pan your image within the tabbed area.
  • Recommended image ratio: 2:3

Image suitability guidelines

All images that are submitted for reproduction in the Australia Post Personalised Stamp service must:

  • be provided with an English translation for images that contain a foreign language (the translation must also meet the other guideline criteria below)
  • not discriminate against a person on the basis of disability, race or colour
  • not contain celebrities, actors, musicians, sports people, cartoons or other famous people whereby the customer may not own the copyright
  • not contain provocative, sexual, violent or otherwise offensive content
  • not contain nudity or semi nudity
  • not contain profanity or obscenities
  • not contain firearms or weaponry
  • not contain libellous, defamatory or other content deemed offensive
  • not contain material that could infringe copyright
  • not contain racial, prejudicial or discriminatory subject matter
  • not contain nationalistic, political statements or politically motivated messages or symbols including flags
  • not contain images that show illegal or anti-social behaviour.

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