Enrich your data and enhance your business edge

Today's businesses demand the highest quality data to remain competitive. Our unique depth of data and insights can help you create more targeted solutions to meet these demands.

As an Australia Post data partner, we are committed to supporting you in your role as a leading data solution provider. We work with you to understand and generate the best data; enabling you to directly provide your clients with access to leading address data, and suppress and update solutions. All this is underpinned by the extra confidence of insights gained from the most comprehensive and up-to-date address databases in the country.

Simply choose the data services that support your core business and your clients' marketing objectives.

Data and insights services

Address data

Use data applications like address validation and data insights to develop and enhance your data products and your clients marketing activities.

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Contact data quality

Help your clients optimise their customer communications by keeping track of their movements, locating lost customers and establishing new connections.

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Resources and key dates

Get important information, reference materials and regular updates for our Postal Address File (PAF) and more.

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Why become a data partner?

As our data partner, you can provide clients with Australia Post's address validation and database management (suppress and update) solutions to complement your existing services. You'll be listed as a registered data partner and will be licensed to on-sell solutions using high-quality data sources, supported by one of the most trusted organisations in Australia.


  • Potential revenue growth by creating unique data solutions that link to the most used dataset in the market
  • No need to develop or maintain your own reference files
  • Opportunity to generate additional revenue by increasing your range of solutions
  • Assists credibility of data through an alliance with the Australia Post brand
  • Helps reduce reputational risk with a proven dataset from a recognised, authoritative source
  • Improve brand perception by being a registered data partner, backed by Australia Post

To find out how to become a data partner for our data solutions, email AP Data Help.