Data for a competitive business edge

The secret to staying ahead of competitors is data. Being an Australia Post Data Partner enables you to provide your clients with leading address data and suppress and update solutions.

We partner with you to generate the best information and insights through the country's most comprehensive, current databases.

Why become a data partner?

Apart from potential revenue growth, as a registered Data Partner you’ll enjoy other benefits including:

  • increased credibility by being listed as an Australia Post Partner
  • being licenced to on-sell solutions
  • low effort and maintenance of reference files
  • reputation management and reduced risk through proven datasets

What services can you offer?

As our Data Partner, you can offer the following services.

Address data

Use data applications like address validation and insights to develop and enhance your data products and your client's marketing activities.

Contact data quality

Help your clients optimise their customer communications by keeping track of their movements, locating lost customers and establishing new connections.

Want to be a Data Partner? Email us

Resources and key dates

Get important information, reference materials and regular updates for our Postal Address File (PAF) and more.