How Steph Pase improves the delivery experience

Steph Pase shares how Australia Post helped her scale up order fulfilment to meet insatiable demand here and overseas, while improving the delivery experience.

Are you Australia's favourite online retailer?

It’s time to register your business for the Online Retail Industry Awards (ORIAS) People’s Choice Award 2021.

The rise of the online consumer

New online habits are likely to stay – so what does that mean for your organisation? This guide unpacks the shift in consumer expectations, along with three things to consider.

How MyPost Business helped Artisanale Chocolate

When COVID hit, Rebecca Chan made a quick move to online selling in time for her Easter peak. She shares how MyPost Business helped her save on sending.

How TABOO delivers real impact with MyPost Business

Learn how TABOO is tapping into Australia’s $400 million sanitary product market, and putting their postage savings towards positive causes.

How MyPost Business saves The Scent Lab on sending

With MyPost Business, The Scent Lab can send candles, wax melts and bath products to every corner of Australia, and save on sending.

How Australia Post helps Pod Co deliver artisan coffee

Co-founders Rashid and Ammar Roumani explain how Australia Post has helped them democratise Australia’s artisan coffee culture.

How MyPost Business helped Mortels thrive

Stay-at-home comfort living saw Mortels Sheepskin Factory’s sales double during lockdowns. Co-owner Tony Mortel shares how MyPost Business helped business thrive.

Rethinking the retail experience

Lockdowns and working from home have had a profound effect on the Australian way of life, including what we expect from a retail experience.

Next big changes for retail

Futurist Anders Sörman-Nilsson, and Be Fit Food’s Kate Save, share their predictions for the next evolution of retail. A must-read guide on where to invest your resources – from digital experiences to new consumer trends.

Delivering an online shopping boom

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered an unexpected surge in eCommerce growth, with millions of Australians shopping online– and November 2020 has become Australia’s biggest month in online shopping history.

How businesses like THE ICONIC are making sustainability a business norm

How you can help reduce the risk of avoidable delays and get parcels to your customers as quickly as possible.

A peak online shopping season unlike any other

How you can help reduce the risk of avoidable delays and get parcels to your customers as quickly as possible.

Keep Well Buy Local

Australia Post partners with Small Business Australia’s Keep Well Buy Local movement. Director Bill Lang explains the movement’s goals and how to get involved.

Virtual styling: How Australian fashion brand Cue is digitising its retail experience

With the right combination of AI technology, fast store-to-door fulfilment and an expert team of virtual stylists, Cue has elevated expectations of the online fashion shopping experience. Cue’s CIO Shane Lenton shares how COVID-19 gave them a sense of purpose and urgency to respond.

Help protect your business from transaction fraud

How people pay for goods and services has changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. An increase in digital transactions – including online payments to more frequent contactless touch and go payments – can open up new fraud opportunities. Is your business ready to handle these potential issues?

eBay’s perspective on what COVID-19 means for the future of retail

Tim MacKinnon shares eBay's insights into the changing needs of the nation through the goods they were purchasing in 2020.

Aussie pride in Australian made: Why more Aussies are buying local

Australians are shopping online more than ever. But research shows most Aussies are choosing to shop local, spending more on locally made products. We explain the rise of the Shop Local trend.

How to attract and retain new online shoppers

Online shopping habits changed when COVID-19 restrictions forced store closures. To attract and retain this new audience, businesses will need to address traditional online shopping barriers.

From first click to last mile: the shift to omnichannel logistics

When COVID-19 shut Australian stores, drove consumers online and disrupted supply chains, Australian retailers were quickly forced to rethink fulfilment. Now, they are reviewing store and online operation investments as we move into recovery.

How Australian businesses are navigating COVID-19 changes

Businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to survive COVID-19 while learning to serve customers differently. In the process, they’re also finding creative ways to help support Australia through the pandemic.

Online shopping helps keep Australians connected

The global pandemic has triggered a massive growth in online shopping as Australians turned to online retailers during self-isolation.

Six ways businesses can get their parcels moving quickly during COVID-19

With the online shopping boom during self-isolation came the massive volume of parcels through our network. As we continue improving our daily operations, here's how organisations can help us get their parcels moving quickly.

What online retailers should consider when offering fast delivery

The more Australians shop online, the harder retailers have to work to stay ahead. Offering next business day delivery is one of the many ways they’re using to try to win and keep customers.

Sustainability in eCommerce: How Australian businesses are doing their part

Consumers are increasingly conscious of how their online shopping habits impact the environment and are starting to seek out retailers with sustainable business practices. Here’s how Australian businesses are leading the charge.

5 tips to creating a winning Black Friday sales strategy

Mega sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday now surpass Christmas as the peak shopping period. Here’s how your business can ride this trend to boost pre-Christmas sales.

What online retailers should consider when offering fast delivery

The more Australians shop online, the harder retailers have to work to stay ahead. Offering next business day delivery is one of the many ways they’re using to try to win and keep customers.

Will these be game changers for online retail in 2020?

From the rise of buy-now pay-later platforms to the emergence of contextual commerce, here’s what could change the face of online retail in 2020 and beyond.

Australia’s online shopping growth: how retailers are keeping up

Three Australian online retailers share advice and strategies for keeping up with the growth in online shopping.

6 online shopping trends shaping our eCommerce industry

Six online shopping trends to help businesses capture and keep customers’ loyalty and attention, and stay ahead of the competition.

5 technology trends to watch in eCommerce

Technology is shaping the way we shop and changing the game for retailers. Here’s how leading retailers are embracing the latest technology to meet the needs of the modern-day shopper.

How a good returns policy can grow your bottom line

During peak sales season, it’s important to make sure your business is ready to manage a potential upswing in parcel returns – and that you make the return process as easy as possible for your customers.

The rise of micro-influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has always been measured by the size of your followers and reach, but new research shows micro-influencers are a more cost-effective and authentic way to grow small businesses.

How to make payments and manage orders

Once you’ve taken the plunge and decided to set up your own online shop, it makes sense to be able to accept…

Unboxing: your secret marketing weapon

Nothing sparks excitement and anticipation quite like a gift. Grasping the contours of a package fuels our curiosity. What could it be? The sentiment explains…

5 Instagram tips to help boost your online business

Instagram is steadily morphing from a photo-sharing social platform into a sophisticated digital shopping mall. Here’s how Australian businesses can ride on this transition.

How to style clothing for sale

When you’re selling online, first impressions count. With so many competing online sellers in the clothing and accessory space, it’s important to know how to make your photography stand out. With a little planning, this can be a simple process. Chelsea Thomas from I Heart Bargains shares some tips to help you get started…

Simple steps to great photography

There are many simple steps you can take to put yourself ahead of the game with styling and photographing your products. With a little practice, you can learn how to take your homewares styling to the next level so that your photos are perfect for your social media audience…

The risks associated with running an eCommerce business

The internet has opened up tremendous opportunities for business operators to expand their business...

Stuck on stock? Tips for inventory management

As the silly season comes to an end, many small business owners turn their attention to the peak sales period. But how do you determine the right level of…

How to start your business blog

Adding a blog to your small business website is a great way to kick some business goals. You’ll boost SEO as each new post is added to your site and your website is re-indexed accordingly...

Choose the right CMS to keep your customers clicking

Your online presence is the digital version of your shopfront, so rushing into building or buying a website, especially if you’re setting up an online store, without carefully…

Keeping data safe in the cloud

Huge numbers of businesses are tapping into the benefits of cloud computing, including lower cost and more speed and flexibility, but it also carries the risk of a privacy breach or the loss of data...

Tips to help your online business sell more

The goal of every eCommerce retailer is to consistently grow the bottom line. But is your online store working hard enough at driving sales? Here’s what you need to know to maximise its full potential.

Protecting your intellectual property as a business owner

If you’re a small business owner, the digital space really opens up opportunities to market and promote your brand. Chances are you have your own website and…

4 easy digital payment tools for small businesses

Whether you’re running a busy hair salon, independent book store or fashion boutique, having multiple payment options available to customers helps to…

Mobile video for your business is easier than you think

Not so long ago, most small businesses restricted local marketing activity to a White Pages listing and an ad in the…

Using virtual reality in your small business marketing

Virtual reality is an exciting way for businesses to show off their products and services and is also affordable for small and medium businesses…

Frequently asked questions about FAQ pages

Your FAQ page can free up staff from answering repetitive questions, help with customer service and even win more customers for your business…

Grand Designs: How to build an online store that sells

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in, to create a successful online store you need to pay attention to the specific needs of the people who will be browsing your site.

'Tis the season for a creative Instagram campaign

Instagram isn’t just an expansive repository of selfies and brunch pics — it’s an endlessly updating catalogue of desires, trends, inspirations and…

How to handle customer complaints during busy seasons

Customer service is a major priority for any small business, but when the holiday season rolls around it’s arguably more important than ever…

How to use Local Area Marketing

If you own a small business with a digital presence, which you’ve also set up to attract local trade, you need to let any potential…