Most changes to your existing mail redirection or mail hold service need to be made using the alter or cancel form and finalised in person at the Post Office (because we may need to process a refund, collect a payment or check your ID). But there are a few changes you can make using our online forms.

Change details or cancel

Complete the Alter or Cancel form (516kb) and lodge it in person at the Post Office (please bring ID with you) if you’d like to:

  • Cancel your service (learn about fees and refunds)
  • Add or remove names (you can also call us to add names)
  • Change an address (you’ll need to cancel the existing one and then take out a new redirection or hold, and may be entitled to a partial refund).

Please complete both pages of the form – one will be your copy to keep.

Change while you’re away

If you're overseas or can't get to a Post Office, you can have someone lodge the completed Alter or Cancel form (516kb) on your behalf. They’ll need written authority from you (the original applicant listed) that includes:

  • Date
  • Customer reference number (from the original application)
  • Reason for authority
  • Name and signature of proxy
  • Your name and signature.

Spelling mistakes

If you notice a spelling mistake in your mail redirection or hold, please call us.

Extend your service

Extend online or in person at the Post Office. Find out more about extending your service.

Report a problem

If your mail redirection or mail hold isn’t working properly please complete our online enquiry form so we can investigate.

Refunds and cancellation fees

If you decide to cancel your mail redirection or mail hold service, you may need to pay a cancellation fee and could be entitled to a refund.