Mail trays

You need to pack your sorted mail into Australia Post mail trays. We can supply you with small or large trays depending on your mail volume - as many as you need, free of charge. You can order them from your lodgement facility.

Sort plans

Sort plans detail our predetermined postcode ranges, which you need to bundle your mail into. Each delivery service has its own sort plan.

Valid from 25 August 2023 to 29 February 2024

PreSort Letters sort plan (PDF 53kB)

Print Post sort plan (PDF 75kB)

Valid from 1 March 2024 to 29 August 2024

PreSort Letters sort plan (PDF 52kB)

Print Post sort plan (PDF 75kB)

Mail tray labels

You need a label on each mail tray to identify the destination of your mail.

You can print your own labels as you need them using our Visa Tray Label Management System (see below) or you can order them from your lodgement facility.

Our label specification (PDF 304kB) shows what you need for all tray labels.

Please note: this will change from time to time as we review and modify label formats to improve readability.

Printing your own labels

If you want to print your own tray labels we provide Visa Tray Label Management System (TLMS) software free of charge to bulk mail customers. To find out the minimum computer hardware you will need, download the Customer Computer System Requirements (PDF 24kB).

Use of the software is subject to licensing conditions, and you'll need a unique Application ID for each installation (you need to install the software on every computer you use to print labels). This 6-digit ID allows our:

  • technical support to track your queries and requests
  • mail centres to contact you if your label quality is affecting the processing of your bulk mail

Blank labels

We also provide blank labels, available in boxes of 10,000. They have a heat-sensitive layer that gives clearer barcodes and text. You can order them through your lodgement facility by quoting the material SAP number 8837999.

Ordering tray labels

We can give you pre-printed labels for free. Simply download the order form and take it to your lodgement facility:

Priority tray labels

Priority pre-printed tray labels have been withdrawn. If you require Priority pre-printed tray labels please email

Applying labels to trays

You must place each tray label in the pocket provided on a mail tray. Our adhesive pockets have a clear matt front, so you can see the reference number on the label.

Need help?

If you'd like more advice on sorting your mail, call us on 13 11 18 or contact us.

You'll also find more information in our Tray label fact sheet (PDF 92kB)