More ways to pay for postage

'Postage Paid Australia' imprint

A postage paid imprint  can be printed onto your item to show postage has been paid for. Purchase it through your Business Credit Account or over the counter. Please note: items with ‘postage paid Australia’ imprint must be lodged at a post office.

Prepaid satchels and envelopes

With prepaid satchels and envelopes, you pay a flat rate upfront1 no matter where you’re sending to. No need for stamps, simply drop your parcel into a street posting box.


You can buy stamps in various denominations to cover the postage rate of the mail you're sending.

Self-adhesive stamps are the easiest to use, and you can buy them in bulk from all post offices and business centres.

1 Flat rate postage is only available for use with matching flat rate packaging of the same size and weight specification.