If you're not around to sign for a delivery, or there's no safe place for us to leave the item1, we'll take it to a nearby Post Office.

You'll have 10 business days to collect it before the item is returned to the sender.

What you need to bring

You'll need to take suitable ID with you that matches either the name OR the address on the item.

Note: If an item is addressed to a business without a person's name, you'll need to provide proof of your association with the business. We'll accept as evidence a business card, business registration certificate, electronically forwarded email that's printed out, or an authority letter including your name and ID details written on company letterhead.

Can't make it there yourself?

No problem. Anyone from the address is able to collect the item, as long as they have proof of address and suitable ID.

You can also have someone from a different address collect it by:

Prefer to have it sent to another Post Office?

You can complete this form to transfer your item to another Post Office closer to work or school for a flat rate of $6.80.

Tired of missed deliveries?

Did you know that home isn’t your only delivery address?

You can choose to send your parcel to any of thousands of Australia Post locations around the country.

When you have a free MyPost account, you can: