Postage meters are mechanical devices that prints an ‘indicium’ (markings that show postage has been paid) on your mail items.

Meters are programmed with various postage rates, depending on the type of mail you’re sending. You pay for postage online, download the credit to your postage meter and top up as you need, at any time of day.

Postage meters let you:

  • Reset remotely: top up your credit anytime, anywhere

  • Prepare articles quickly and easily: avoid the need to pre-print 'postage paid' envelopes or stock postage stamps and priority labels

  • Control costs: track your postage expenditure by generating detailed usage reports 

  • Print logos/advertising: most postage meters let you print a personalised advertising message, logo, seasonal greeting or return address.

  • Secure access: most postage meters are password protected, giving you security and peace of mind 

  • Save on credit: get a 2.5% rebate on credit when you reset, meaning for $1,000 worth of credit you only pay $975 

  • Pay with your Australia Post Credit (Charge) Account: Charge your postage meter resets directly to your account, for quick and easy credit top up

  • Access metered rate: you may get a moderate discount for domestic articles paid for by using a postage meter

  • Access business letter services: you can use Print Post, PreSort Letters, Promo Post, Charity Mail, Clean Mail,