A moving problem

An up-to-date database is essential for staying in touch with your customers. But what happens if they move house or business location and forget to let you know?

Each year, around 1 million people use our Mail Redirection service to ensure their mail moves with them when they change their address. Every time someone moves they need to update their details with around 15 organisations, but most only get in touch with around 6. This leaves around 9 organisations that potentially lose contact with that customer.

Around 2.1 million Australians move house each year

50% use our Mail Redirection service

Maintain an accurate database with COAN

Our Change of Address Notification (COAN) service enables consumers to choose to share their new address details with selected partner organisations when completing their Mail Redirection application.

For our partners, it means you’ll automatically be notified when your customers change their address details – making it easy for you to keep your contact database up-to-date and verified.

How it works

It’s simple – all you need to do is add your business to our Change of Address Notification platform. When a customer applies to redirect their mail, they’ll see a checklist of providers (including you), and can tick a box to automatically notify you of their new address. They can also invite other people listed on their application, such as family members or housemates, to do the same.

Improve customer retention by staying in contact with your customers.

Targeted campaigns with less ‘return to sender’ mail.

Reduce overheads for finding and engaging with lost customers.

Enable support staff to focus on core business rather than customer address enquiries.

3-month trial

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