Business packaging: 5 tips from the Gold Coast Business Centre

Craig Taylor from the Gold Coast Post Business Centre shares his five tips for getting your business packaging right.

In his 15 years as Manager for the Gold Coast Business Centre, Craig Taylor has helped many of his business customers grow from start up to million-dollar status.

“It’s extremely satisfying to play a role in these success stories,” he says. “We’ve developed great relationships with many of them, and we spend time guiding them through our business services and answering their questions.”

One of the many tips Craig shares with his business customers is around choosing the right packaging so the contents of their parcel arrive in the best possible condition.

Here are Craig’s five tips for getting your business packaging right.

Tip 1: Only use boxes for fragile items

The most common mistake businesses make is assuming any packaging will sufficiently protect fragile items. We always recommend using our parcel boxes for any item that has even the slightest potential of being damaged during transit.

Tip 2: Pack your contents properly

If you’re packing multiple items in a parcel box, make sure the packaging is compact so none of them move around during delivery. This is important for two reasons. First, you’ll be protecting each item from being damaged by another, especially if one is made of glass. Second, a thoughtfully put together presentation that remains intact upon delivery will create a great first impression with your customer.

Tip 3: Extra protection for breakables

A second layer of packaging goes a long way in protecting breakables. Use paper-based packaging for the first layer and a foam or bubble wrap for the second layer. This will keep your products snug and compact in the parcel box as it passes from one hand to another.

Tip 4: Seal it up

Protect the contents of your parcel box by sealing the edges with packing tape so nothing can penetrate it, including insects or rainwater. Similarly, make sure your satchels are always completely and securely sealed. This means using a larger satchel rather than cramming multiple items into a smaller one.

Tip 5: Take advantage of pre-paid satchels

Choose a pre-paid satchel for anything unbreakable as they’re great value for money.

Like Craig, your local Post Office manager is a fantastic resource of knowledge and information for your business needs. Pop by to pick up a few good tips on starting, growing or expanding your business.

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