The peer-to-peer fashion platform redefining retail

Great customer experience, including speed and reliability of deliveries, helps Designerex give women access to designer clothes quickly and easily.

Key points

  • As the world’s largest peer-to-peer designer dress sharing platform, Designerex helps women access designer clothes.
  • Founders Kirsten Kore and Costa Koulis worked hard to design a great customer experience, including speed and reliability of deliveries.
  • Designerex is benefiting from technology that enables ID verification, data analysis and personalisation.

Designerex is not your typical retailer. The world’s largest peer-to-peer designer dress sharing platform helps women access designer clothes they may not otherwise be able to afford – particularly for one-off events.

Founders Kirsten Kore and Costa Koulis started the fashion marketplace after Kirsten rented a dress from a complete stranger on Facebook. It was a risky transaction – one that they set out to solve with Designerex.

Yet building the business was not without its challenges. Not quite eCommerce, not quite retail, Kirsten and Costa knew they needed to deliver a great customer experience. They worked hard to perfect everything from shipping to payment solutions.

“While we can’t control the inventory, we can control every other aspect of the user experience,” said Kirsten. “For example, speed and reliability of deliveries are incredibly important to our customers. So, we’ve worked hard to offer fast, convenient delivery options – and can get items in shoppers hands within as little as three hours.”

Behind the scenes, Designerex is using ID verification to ensure that the people renting dresses are legitimate. And, to further enhance the customer experience, they have partnered with third-party technology providers for things like data analysis and personalisation.

“Sustainability is top of mind for today’s consumers, and Designerex taps into this sentiment with its sharing model. Yet it also supports a vibrant fashion future by helping women express themselves through their clothes.”

“We’re here to help extend the life of garments and support women’s sustainable fashion choices. We also help people make money from their dresses,” said Costa. “It’s a win-win for the dress owner and the person renting it.”

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