The niche Facebook group that became a small business smash hit

Skinnymixers was launched when its founder couldn’t find any thermal cooker recipes that appealed to her tastebuds. She decided to create her own solution and ended up building a Facebook community in the process.

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We open on a small but vibrant gathering of people in a café. They’re socialising, chatting and browsing recipe books.

An online community success story

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A young woman talks in an off-camera style interview setting. She has longish red hair and is dressed in a stylish floral dress.

Nikalene Riddle, Skinnymixers' founder

Skinnymixers is a large online health and wellness community that focuses on providing healthy and delicious recipes for thermal cookers.

A man and a woman are working at laptops on a dining table in a home office setting.

The man slowly flicks through a Skinnymixers’ recipe book.

We started Skinnymixers in 2013 after I was gifted a thermal cooker for Mother's Day. I found that the machine was sitting on the bench for about six months because I wasn't liking the recipes and I was also putting a lot of weight on. 

We’re back in the café setting. Nikalene can be seen talking and chatting to customers. 

Healthymix III book launch

I turned to the community and I said, "Hey, is anybody else having a similar experience to me?" And pretty much, everybody said, "Yes”.

I started Skinnymixers that day, and by the end of that day, we had over 1, 000 members.

Montage of shots from the book launch including someone looking at the Skinnymixers’ blog on a phone, people browsing skinnymixers’ books, and Nikalene socialising with customers.
The community started asking for a blog. I published the blog three years ago, and then they started asking for, and I self-published my first book. And we've published six books since then, and have grown a very successful company.
Transition to a book printing environment. We see printing machines in action, stacks of Skinnymixers’ books, cages of packages labelled ‘skinnymixers’, and a forklift moving a cage full of packages. 
When we first published it was such an overwhelming process. I remember when we launched the book, we had ordered - I think, around 3,000 copies from the printing house. And we outsold that in the first night. I just remember being really overwhelmed with the support that we had. And the confirmation that what we had decided to do was the right decision.
Transition to two staff working in a home work house environment. They’re looking through Australia Post paperwork and packing books into parcels.  

Nikalene talking in interview setting.

Cuts to a scene of a book being sealed into a parcel envelope and loaded into an Australia Post crate. The crate is placed alongside dozens of other full crates.

Currently, Skinnymixers self distributes, which means we stand in our work house and physically pack the books and send them off.

Australia Post van reversing into driveway.

A montage of shots of the Australia Post driver and Skinnymixers’ staff loading crates of parcels into the van and checking and completing paperwork. 

The biggest challenge that Australia Post helped us overcome was transitioning from traditional postage to massive bulk distribution using Parcel Post. The integration with our systems and everything has gone seamlessly, and without Australia Post supporting us along the way, I don't think that we would have ever have grown the business to the stage that we have.
Nikalene mingling with customers and signing books in the café setting.  
On the Sunday when I created Skinnymixers, what I was looking for was a community to hang out with on the Internet that might encourage me to use my machine more and perhaps lose a bit of weight...
We see the final crate being loaded into the Australia Post van and the van door being closed. The driver and a skinnymixers’ staff member complete some paperwork then shake hands. The van slowly drives off.
… I could never have imagined that it would turn into a company with employees and a huge team of volunteers, and… 
Nikalene in interview setting. 
…a life changing experience where I get to travel the world and meet people and change people's lives

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Nikalene Riddle is candid about how her business, Skinnymixers began. She clearly remembers the moment that sparked her big idea. It was 2013 and she was at her home in Adelaide looking at a $2,000 appliance that had been sitting unused on her kitchen bench for a while now.

The appliance in question was a thermal cooker. Nikalene had received it as a Mother’s Day gift, but was distinctly unimpressed with the recipes that came with it. Her message to a Facebook interest group for thermal cooking enthusiasts was simple: “Hey, is anybody else trying to lose weight and not really happy with the available thermal cooker