Video: The video opens on our hero dog, 'Ernie' a tiny Jack Russell, sitting innocently at the front gate of his yard. A 'Beware of the Dog' sign is positioned on the gate above his head.

Audio: Wind in the background.

Video: Next shot is of another dog, a French bulldog, chewing on a bone in his front yard.

Audio: Dog chewing noises.

Video: Third shot is another dog, a chocolate Labrador, playing in his front yard with his head in an old boot.

Audio: Dog drooling noises and bird chirping noises in the background.

Video: The fifth shot is of a beautifully manicured blonde poodle with a pink ribbon around her neck. She is relaxing on the floor and then suddenly her head turns direct to camera displaying a very nonchalant expression on her face.

Audio: Sound stops

Video: We are introduced to our postie in this next shot who turns a street corner to face the camera and begins driving down the street doing his rounds from house to house.

Audio: A beep beep sound from the motorbike and suddenly tense and overly dramatic music begins playing creating an atmosphere of suspense.

Video: Our hero dog Ernie begins barking at the gate and runs off. The chocolate Labrador pulls his head out of the boot and looks up alertly.

Audio: Suspenseful music

Video: The French bulldog stops chewing on his bone and also alertly looks up. Each dog hears the postie and begins running to get into position. The chocolate Labrador begins pulling on a rope which is attached to a tree holding a bucket of water which he is to use as a booby trap for the postie. We see our postie getting closer to the house. The French bulldog is now sitting on a bucket next to a plank of wood which has been set-up as a catapult with a bucket of yellow paint on one end, ready to launch at the postie. Another shot enters screen which shows jumper leads coming out of a car in the driveway set-up as another booby trap, attached to the letterbox. We see our Poodle in the drivers seat with an innocent yet menacing look on her face. The poodle starts the engine of the car, in doing so, electrifying the mailbox. Our postie is nearing the first house of the street. Ernie the hero dog runs quickly to his kennel which is actually the entry to his underground lair. We see a close shot of Ernie in his private elevator going down to the lair. We see the back of a large 'evil masterminds' chair facing a stalker wall. The wall is covered in Australia Post news articles of dogs 'taking down psoties', '281 dog related incidents in 2016', calling cards, trophies consisting of postie gloves and torn pieces of their uniform, blueprints and a large picture of the hero postie. The chair slowly turns around to reveal Ernie the not so innocent looking Jack Russel.

Audio: Don't let your dog become your postie's worst nightmare

Video: Australia Post and Star Track logos. Super: Protect your postie and your neighbourhood by securing your dog.

Audio: Cheeky dog bark