Even the smallest, cutest and most mild-mannered dogs can have strong protective instincts to look after their territory or loved ones.

This means that any dog can pose a threat or safety concern if they're not secured properly.


We need your help!

Last financial year (FY18), 447 of our posties and delivery drivers were involved in dog-related incidents across Australia.

We provide dog safety training to educate our posties on canine behaviour and help minimise their risk of being attacked. But we also need your help to keep our posties safe.

Posties don't just need to access your letterbox these days. People are shopping online more and sending a lot more parcels. That means our posties and delivery contractors often need to enter gates and approach front doors to complete deliveries.

If we don't feel confident accessing your letterbox or front door safely, we may not be able to deliver your mail.


Why it's a good idea to secure your dog

  • You may think your dog wouldn't hurt anyone. But our posties don’t know that and might be concerned about approaching an unrestrained dog.
  • If your dog isn’t restrained, incidents can happen. Especially when you’re not at the premises. 
  • While some injuries are related to dog bites, the majority are related to falls when a postie on a bike tries to avoid a dog or a dog comes into contact with the bike.
  • Motorbikes and other vehicles can excite or aggravate dogs. If your dog is loose, it may want to chase us – and that can put us at serious risk.
  • Problems can also occur when trying to deliver to your door. We've seen dogs lunge at their postie or driver when their owner is with them.
  • Local council rangers across Australia pick up hundreds of lost dogs each year. Some never find their way back home.


What you can do

Helping to protect your pets, your postie and your neighbourhood is easy.

  • Make sure your dog can't fit any part of its body over, under or through the fence.
  • Secure your dog away from the letterbox or path to the front door if it's outside.
  • Keep your dog away from the front door when we’re attempting a parcel delivery. Put your dog on a lead or in another room while you accept your delivery.
  • If you’re out and about, ensure your dog is restrained on a sturdy lead.

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