Unsafe deliveries

Did you know that more than 1,000 posties are involved in dog attacks every year? And over 300 posties received medical attention for these attacks, with some requiring surgery.

Any unsecured dog has the potential to pose a threat or safety concern. And if it’s unsafe, your postie can’t deliver your mail.

Where did these incidents occur?


On the footpath


At the front door


At the letterbox


In the front yard


On the road

We need your help!

We provide dog safety training to educate our posties on canine behaviour and help minimise their risk of being attacked. But we also need your help to protect our posties.

With the huge growth in online shopping, we’re delivering a lot more parcels than ever before. That means our posties and delivery contractors don’t just need to access your letterbox – they often need to enter gates and approach front doors to complete their deliveries.

If they don't feel confident accessing your letterbox or front door safely, they may not be able to deliver your mail.

Tips to keep your postie safe

Help to protect your pets, your postie and your neighbourhood with these preventive measures.

  • Place your dog in a separate room or restrain it with a leash when we arrive at your front door.
  • Don’t let children answer the door as dogs can push or charge out.
  • Give your dog a toy or treat to distract them when the delivery arrives.
  • If you can’t restrain or confine your dog, consider installing a large, secure letterbox on your property for parcel deliveries.
  • If your dog is outside, make sure it’s securely away from the letterbox or front door.
  • If you’re out and about with your dog, use a sturdy lead to restrain it.

Why it's a good idea to secure your dog

  • You may think your dog wouldn't hurt anyone. But our posties don’t know that and might be concerned about approaching an unrestrained dog.
  • If your dog isn’t restrained, incidents can happen, especially when you’re not at the premises.
  • Motorbikes and other vehicles can excite or aggravate dogs. If your dog is loose, it may want to chase your postie – and that can put them at serious risk.
  • Problems can also occur when trying to deliver to your door. We've seen dogs lunge at their postie or driver when their owner is with them.
  • Local council rangers across Australia pick up hundreds of lost dogs each year. Some never find their way back home.