Creating a sustainable future

We value the use of our natural resources. That’s why we’re helping to build a sustainable society, by reducing our environmental impacts, facilitating a circular economy and ensuring a transparent and traceable supply chain.


Our approach, targets & policy

Sustainable procurement

We consider the social, ethical and environmental dimensions of our entire supply chain. This means making environmental sustainability considerations, as well as bringing key evaluation criterion into our procurement process.

Some highlights include:


We’re improving our transport network to be more efficient as part of our broader environmental strategy. Some of these initiatives include:

Shifting to fuel efficient vehicles

The introduction of more fuel efficient motorbikes have driven a 62 per cent improvement in fuel efficiency since 2013 with annual cost savings of $1.39 million. This is based on a reduction of 1.2 million litres of fuel and annual carbon savings of 2800 tonnes.

Our four-cylinder hybrid sedans are also 60 per cent more fuel efficient when compared to the older six-cylinder vehicles in our fleet and the hybrid trucks are around 15 per cent more fuel efficient.

Electric bikes

Many posties have chosen to swap their motorbikes for push bikes and electric bikes over the last few years. This has reduced emissions, and improved the health and wellbeing of our people.

The electric mail bikes provided by eVehicle Service (EVS) allow posties to cover up to 35 kilometres in a day and reach 1,000 delivery points.

Electric vehicles

Over the last 3 years, we’ve conducted a series of electric vehicle trials across Australia. The first of these started in 2014 and was in partnership with Renault Australia, trialling Australia’s first fully electric commercial van.

We’ve also trialled 3-wheeled electric vehicles for posties, carrying up to 1,200 letters and 3 times as many parcels as previously possible. Through these dedicated programs and the insights gained, we hope to see greater integration of electric vehicles across our fleet in the near future.

Fuel reduction programs

Road to rail

We’ve collaborated with one of our largest suppliers, Linfox, to move a large amount of our freight to rail – the lowest emission form of land transport. This move has reduced our overall greenhouse gas emissions and saved millions of dollars in transport costs, all while ensuring no degradation in service to our customers.

Loose load

For over 4 years, we’ve embedded the latest and safest technology into our new sorting facilities to sort suitable parcels directly to trailers. The density of freight within loose loaded trailers has been increased by more than 93 per cent, reducing our requirement for prime movers and fuel.