Everyone Matters

For over 200 years, we’ve provided access to essential services that connect people, businesses and communities across Australia, and to the world. As our country and communities have grown, we’ve been there.

Our Corporate Responsibility Plan, underpinned by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, reinforces that our commitment to operating ethically and responsibly is driven by a long-term vision to create value for the community in decades to come.

Our commitment

As one of Australia’s largest businesses, with a footprint that touches nearly every community, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver inclusive and sustainable prosperity. Our new three-part Corporate Responsibility Plan below sets out our objectives to achieve this.

Everyone prospers

We’ll deliver responsibly and profitably; and provide great customer experiences.

Everyone is included

We’ll help create vibrant, inclusive communities; and provide safe, fair and fulfilling work for our extended workforce.

Everyone thrives

We’ll reduce our environmental impacts; and help facilitate a circular economy.

Creating value for everyone

Our new approach focuses on addressing impacts and creating value for all our stakeholders:

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Poster with heading "Sustainable Development Goals" and 3 rows below the heading. Each row has 6 different coloured squares with decorative illustration representing the corresponding goal.↵Row 1:↵1. No poverty (illustration of group of diverse people) - shaded to show that we indirectly impact this goal↵2. Zero hunger (illustration of a bowl of soup) - shaded to show that we indirectly impact this goal↵3. Good health and well-being (illustration of heart rate)↵4. Quality education (illustration of book and pen) - shaded to show that we indirectly impact this goal↵5. Gender equality (illustration of male and female symbol as one with an equal sign)↵6. Clean water and sanitation (illustration of glass of water) - shaded to show that we indirectly impact this goal↵Row 2:↵7. Affordable and clean energy (illustration of power symbol)↵8. Decent work and economic growth (illustration of growth chart going up)↵9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure (illustration of building blocks)↵10. Reduced inequalities (illustration of equal sign within square pointing in 4 directions)↵11. Sustainable cities and communities (illustration of cityscape)↵12. Responsible consumption and production (illustration of figure 8 loop)↵Row 3:↵13. Climate action (illustration of globe)↵14. Life below water (illustration of fish) - shaded to show that we indirectly impact this goal↵15. Life on land (illustration of tree and birds) - shaded to show that we indirectly impact this goal↵16. Peace, justice and strong institutions (illustration of dove with olive branch in its beak perched on a gavel) - shaded to show that we indirectly impact this goal↵17. Partnerships for the goals (illustration of 5 rings joined together in a circle)

The UN Sustainable Development Goals were established and agreed upon by world leaders in 2015. They essentially serve as a to-do list to put the world on a sustainable path and to end poverty, promote peace and opportunity for all, and protect the planet.

We understand that our operations have a global impact. That’s why our Corporate Responsibility Plan contributes to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals - the world’s 2030 sustainability agenda.

Working together to create shared value

We rely on insights shared by our stakeholders to guide our business strategy and partnerships with industry, government and community organisations to maximise impact.