Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday

For over 200 years, we’ve provided access to essential services that connect people, businesses and communities across Australia, and to the world. As our country and communities have grown, we’ve been there.

Our Corporate Responsibility strategy, underpinned by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, formalises our commitment to the Australian community and our people; to operate responsibly and to think and act in innovative ways to create new forms of economic, social and environmental value.

Australia Post has always been more than just a business we're part of the very fabric of the nation helping to improve the lives of our customers our workforce nd their families bringing communities closer together sharing our networks and our know-how and being proudly australian owned contributing to Australia's economic growth and reinvesting back into the community so as Australia and the world changes it's not surprising we're changing too we recognize that issues like climate change globalization digitization and a transitioning economy are already having a profound impact on us all as one of Australia's largest organisations we believe we have both the responsibility and the power to make a positive difference how will we do it by helping connect all Australia's physically and digitally so that everyone is included and has an opportunity to take part in our future prosperity by minimizing our environmental impact so we can grow sustainably and reduce the burden on our planet and by transforming our own
organization to meet changing customer and community expectations so we can continue to serve all Australians in relevant and useful ways for generations to come it will require new technologies new ideas and a willingness to embrace change and will need to create and share new forms of value economically socially
and environmentally but in many ways it's a continuation of what we've always done helping Australians connect achieve and prosper together so collectively we can build a better tomorrow for everyone everywhere every day

Our commitment

Our ‘Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday strategy’ is informed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and leading sustainability frameworks, and is our roadmap to meeting the following objectives:


We will increase social and economic inclusion and wellbeing, by connecting all Australians physically and digitally.


We will minimise our environmental impact throughout our value chain.


We will transform our own organisation so we meet changing customer and community expectations, and help them prosper in a digital world.

How we'll get there

Our strategy focuses on four key pillars: