Diversity and inclusion

We believe a diverse and inclusive Australia encourages better relationships within communities and the workplace alike.


Dog safety campaign

Specialised training programs have been trialled to teach posties how to read a dog's body language and safely manage canine encounters.

As a result, our posties have changed the way they interact with dogs.

Giving at Post

We support our people to meaningfully contribute to community organisations and causes they are passionate about.  

We invite our people to give in ways that suit them through a range of programs. These include:

  • Offering matched giving to eligible employees*, where they can donate to a charity of their choice, through our Workplace Giving program.
  • Inviting our people to nominate a community organisation for a grant of up to $1,000 through the People of Post Grants.
  • Supporting blood donation and inviting our workforce and their families to join the Australia Post Lifeblood Team.
  • Looking for opportunities to enable workforce volunteering.
*Workplace Giving is open to all Australia Post Group employees with an employee number. Gift matching is up to $200 per employee per annum.