Stay ahead of the holiday rush

Communicating with customers and citizens via the mailbox at the end of the year can be a great way to build a stronger connection between your organisation and your audience. Here’s what you need to know to start planning your gifting and mailing strategy before the next peak hits. 

Key points

  • While virtual interaction remains popular after COVID-19, the mailbox still presents an excellent opportunity to connect via physical touch points that have become less common 
  • Now’s the time to start planning in anticipation of the next mailing peak 
  • Personalised stamps, eco-friendly packaging and letter tracking can all help ensure your message lands during the busiest times of the year. 

Mail can help create an emotional connection.

According to Accenture’s Mail’s Role in the Digital Age, an independent study commissioned by Australia Post, 39% of respondents said receiving an item in the mail makes them feel valued by a company, whereas only 30% said the same of email. And 38% said receiving mail makes them feel important.1  

Mail can be a valuable bridge between government and citizens, too. In a survey for Bastion Insights’ 2020 Effectiveness of Mail for Government research report, around 90% of respondents said they would read or skim through mail sent by local council, with the same amount saying they’d do the same with addressed mail from the federal government.2  

Many Australian citizens and businesses continue to rely on virtual interactions post-COVID. But mail presents a way to communicate physically and tangibly. The holiday season is a great time to strengthen your relationship with your audience, whether it’s thanking them for their support, alerting them of important upcoming electoral events or sending business-as-usual communications reliably and on time.  

The time to start planning your end-of-year communication strategy is now. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your messages are received loud and clear when the next peak hits. 

A more personal touch this holiday season 

RAAF pilot Flight Lieutenant James Tockuss wanted to connect even more with his customers when they purchased his Retropilot aviation stickers. So he turned to Australia Post’s MyStamps for a more customised customer experience. 

“I try to find areas other businesses neglect, and then focus hard on making those as memorable and personal as possible,” he says.“ I knew that if I could make my customers smile before they opened their envelope, I was already winning.” 

MyStamps allows you to choose an image to use on your domestic or international stamps. With nine different shapes, you can help your mail stand out during the holiday rush. 

A more sustainable season 

When developing your peak mailing strategy, as well as the rest of your overall communication plan, one thing to keep in mind is consumers are prioritising sustainable packaging. 

According to Clean Up Australia, 91% of Australians say they’re concerned about the environmental impact of packaging.3 And more than 1,500 member organisations have signed up to the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO),4 which is committed to achieving targets based on a new and sustainable approach to packaging. Global public awareness of packaging waste leakage has increased significantly in recent years, influencing how consumers view organisations based on their packaging decisions.5 

If you’re gifting items to clients this year, it might be time to start looking into how you can send them more sustainably. Consider satchels made from recycled plastic content – the most environmentally friendly option according to independent research commissioned by Australia Post.6  

Stay on track 

Whether it’s a thoughtful gift or important communication, you want to make sure your mail reaches your intended audience even when mail volumes are at their highest. With Australia Post’s Domestic letter with tracking service, you can provide some extra peace of mind for your organisation and those you’re trying to connect with.  

Letter tracking can be particularly useful for valuable or important mail – such as sending gift vouchers to clients or suppliers to thank them for their support, or for important changes or information regarding upcoming elections. The service allows you to track the progress of your letters and see when they’ve reached their final destination. Online tracking and delivery notifications via email and SMS can assure you your letters are on the way and have been received.

Send sooner rather than later  

Australia Post scales its network for peak periods to manage not only an influx of eCommerce parcel deliveries, but also personal, business and essential services letters – such as bank statements, bills, health records, invoices and election mail. 

To help you plan your letter and parcel sending, we’ll be updating our website with recommended Christmas sending dates over the coming months. It’s especially important to keep these dates in mind if you’re planning on gifting items this holiday season, as you’ll need to leave enough time to order your products, get them branded and get them sent out. 

It’s never too early to start planning ahead of the next major peak. Some forward thinking now can have a major impact on how you connect with your customers, colleagues and other Australians in busy times.  

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This article is provided for general information purposes only and is not intended to be specific advice for your business needs. 

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7 The single use, prepaid envelope includes tracking through the Australia Post network. The envelope has a unique identification number. The number of tracking scans will vary depending on how (and where) the envelope is lodged, processed and delivered. The envelope will receive a tracking scan on lodgement, if lodged over the counter at any Post Office with electronic point of sale, a scan at a processing facility, if processed via automated mail processing equipment, and a scan on delivery, where a tracking scan can be captured.