Simplify your shipping labels: introducing six new MyPost Business eCommerce partners

It’s time to automate the printing of your shipping labels – and we’re making it easier than ever with even more eCommerce partners that integrate with MyPost Business.

An eCommerce integration enables access to your MyPost Business account.

Key points

  • MyPost Business customers can integrate with one of our eCommerce partners to automate the printing of shipping labels.
  • Australia Post partners with a range of shipping platforms, eCommerce platforms and eBay, so you can choose one that’s a good fit with your business needs.
  • Simply sign up for a MyPost Business account - if you haven’t already - and connect your account with one of our eCommerce partners (PDF 2.5MB).

Shipping is an important part of the online shopping experience: it’s your chance to leave a great impression with your customers.

Manually printing shipping labels can slow your fulfilment process, leaving your customers waiting. Automating your shipping label creation means orders will be shipped faster, resulting in the one thing that matters most to your business: happy customers.

We’re making the automation of this process easier than ever, with even more eCommerce partners that integrate with MyPost Business.

Introducing six new eCommerce partners to integrate with your MyPost Business account

We integrate with a wide range of eCommerce partners that offer benefits for online businesses. To add to our extensive list of partners, we’ve now added six more:

Koi by Chick
Ready To Ship

View the full list of MyPost Business eCommerce partners.

Why integrate your MyPost Business account with one of our eCommerce partners?

An integration enables access to your MyPost Business account, where you’ll be able to import your orders, generate, pay and print shipping labels and access your MyPost Business savings – all from a single place.

Choosing the right eCommerce partner for your business

Each eCommerce partner has its own strengths and solutions, making the choice of which to use a highly individual one that should be based on your unique business needs and ambitions.

To assess which is most suitable for your business needs, try these tips:

  1. Check their integration capability. Before choosing an eCommerce partner, look at whether it integrates with your other digital platforms, such as your accounting or inventory management software.
  2. Understand their plug-ins. Depending on which eCommerce partner you choose, there may be some additional functions you can utilise. For example, some offer generation of packing slips, help to manage the returns process and access other Australia Post delivery services.
  3. List your requirements and set a budget. Clearly understand your total requirements and budget. You can then perform an online market search based on the eCommerce tools or improvements your business is looking for, and compare each option’s suitability to your business before making your decision.

How to connect MyPost Business with an eCommerce partner

Connecting your MyPost Business account to your preferred eCommerce partner is simple. Start with the setup of your MyPost Business account if you’re not already registered.

Want to save money on parcel sending?

The more you send with MyPost Business, the more you save. In fact, you can save up to 40% off domestic parcels and up to 35% on international parcels.

This article is provided for general information purposes only and is not intended to be specific advice for your business needs.

1  Freight savings are based on how many qualifying parcels you send over specific periods. You must have a MyPost Business account, use your account to pay for postage and meet the volume requirements over the relevant period for savings on certain products. Visit our terms and conditions for more information and eligible products.