Parcel labelling: 7 tips from the Eastlakes Post Office

Jamie Lee from the Eastlakes Post Office shares his seven tips for labelling your parcels right.

For Jamie Lee, running a Post Office is more a lifestyle than a job. He owns three NSW Post Offices, including one in Eastlakes that he manages, and takes care of their growing number of business customers.

“A new business customer walks through one of our doors almost every day,” Jamie says. “My team and I are there to support these businesses and I personally spend time understanding their needs and helping them find the right solutions.”

One of those solutions is labelling their parcels correctly. Here are Jamie’s top seven tips to get your parcel labelling right.

Tip 1: Place your labels correctly

The label with the addressee’s details should be placed in the centre of the largest, flattest surface of your parcel, where it can be easily read by the scanner and our delivery driver. The sender address should always be visibly smaller than the addressee details.

Tip 2: Self-made labels should be readable

Business customers with a MyPost Business or eParcel account should ideally use the online system to print their labels. But if you don’t have either account, then make sure the text on your self-made labels is large enough to be easily and quickly read by our delivery driver and sortation equipment.

Tip 3: Clearly identify the addressee and the sender

Use the words ‘To’ and ‘From’ on the appropriate labels to ensure the parcel is delivered to the correct address.

Tip 4: Print rather than handwrite your labels

A printed address label from a business always looks more professional than a handwritten one. And it makes it much easier for the team and our sortation equipment to read and sort through the parcels.

Tip 5: Stick the label securely on a satchel

If you’re using a satchel, make sure your label is securely attached in the middle of the satchel on the flattest surface, so it doesn’t peel off or get damaged during transit.

Tip 6: Protect the recipient’s address

If you’re writing the address on the satchel, use a pen with ink that won’t easily smudge. If printing labels, ensure you’re using black ink on matte white paper.

Tip 7: Keep the label flat

Make sure your label is flat and free from damage, including wrinkles or folds.

Like Jamie, your local Post Office manager is a fantastic resource of knowledge and information for all your business needs. Pop by for a chat to pick up a few good tips on starting, growing or expanding your business.

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