Building mentally healthy workplaces, with Beyond Blue

We can’t always predict when our work will peak, but we can try to manage how we respond to stress. Developed with our partner Beyond Blue, here’s our guide to staying mentally healthy at work.

Key points

  • Employers and staff can work together to create mentally healthy workplaces 
  • Beyond Blue recommends making wellbeing part of everyday workplace conversations
  • Improving physical health, supporting others and developing a wellbeing plan are all steps you can take to reduce the pressures of work

Improving connections to strengthen mental wellbeing

We all face different pressures in our work lives, from busy periods to unexpected problems or adjusting to major change. But there are steps you can take to help reduce the day-to-day stresses of work. That’s why, in collaboration with our partner Beyond Blue, we’ve developed this resource for small businesses: a 10 step guide to staying mentally healthy at work (PDF 1.1MB)

The guide contains practical tips for individuals, alongside actions businesses can take to improve health outcomes for employees.  Implementing a workplace Wellbeing Plan, joining a local business network or learning how to create boundaries and delegate are all actions you can take – starting today – to improve workplace wellbeing. The guide also highlights some of the support services available to small businesses – including Beyond Blue’s free mental health coaching program, NewAccess for Small Business Owners – and tips for starting conversations around mental health at work.

When we connect, we feel better. By helping to bring mental health and wellbeing conversations into the everyday, and sharing Beyond Blue resources, we aim to connect more people to the support they need. 

The state of mental health in Australia 

It’s fantastic to see mental health awareness growing, however there are still millions of Australians experiencing stress, anxiety and depression every day. A snapshot of the nation’s health found one in five Australians reported having a mental or behavioural condition, with the rate higher in females (22%) than males (18%).

This is why creating mentally safe workplaces is so important. And the benefits, to both individuals and business – are clear: 

“We know that businesses receive an average return on investment of $2.30 for every $1 they invest in effective workplace mental health strategies,” said Dr Grant Blashki, Beyond Blue Lead Clinical Advisor. 

“People are more likely to stay in their jobs, be productive and engaged at work and less likely to take time off work if they are mentally healthy. The flow on macroeconomic and social impacts can be profound. As leaders and colleagues we can all do more to make mental health part of everyday conversations and make our workplaces mentally healthy,” he said.

Who can use this guide? 

Small businesses across all industries and sectors can use this guide; larger businesses will also benefit from reviewing the resources, links and tools shared within. For other tips around mental health, read our article on staying well, and learn more about how we’re connecting with communities through our Beyond Blue partnership here.

Download the 10 step guide to staying mentally healthy at work

1 National Health Survey, ABS 2017–18