Your sharpest recruitment tool

Don’t lose the right person for the job because of a lengthy or frustrating employment screening process. Candidates will typically receive their police checks within two business hours1 with our straightforward and streamlined Workforce Verification tool.

57% of Australian employers have lost a qualified candidate because of a lengthy recruitment process2

23% of candidates lose interest if they hear nothing for a week2

30% of candidates prefer to verify their identity in person rather than online3

30% of job applications contain inaccurate information4

Streamline your employment screening

Simply invite candidates via the Workforce Verification tool, where they can find out what identity documents they need to supply – and get started.

Verify identity online or in-store

Your candidate can supply proof of identity via the online tool or by visiting any one of our 3,500 Post Offices – whichever is easiest and most convenient for them.

Stay updated with verification status

You get real-time visibility on a candidate’s verification status so you can see how far it has progressed.

New features coming soon

We will be adding more employment screening checks as part of our Workforce Verification tool to help you speed up your hiring process.

How Workforce Verification works

Audio: Soft music plays
Visual: Three figures appear on the screen
Audio: Think you’ve found the right candidate?
Visual: Two disappear, and a tick appears beside the remaining figure.
Audio: Australia Post Workforce Verification will help you make sure of it,
Visual: Three icons appear on screen representing identity checks, police checks and visa verification
Audio: and streamline your employment screening process.
Visual: The words 'This is how it works' appear on screen
Audio: This is how it works.
Visual: These words disappear to reveal the words "Log in to your dashboard" and the arrow of a computer mouse which hovers over a password field which becomes filled in.
Audio: Log in to your dashboard,
Visual: An icon featuring a CV and a computer screen with the plus symbol appear on screen, along with the words "simply invite your candidates".
Audio: and simply invite your candidates.
Visual: Everything on screen disappears leaving just the computer screen with a window open on screen. The computer sends an email and sms and some notification alerts signal.
Audio: Sending them an email and SMS to begin the process. SFX: Alert notification.
Visual: Everything disappears again, leaving only the computer icon, an icon that represents a post office and the words "Eligible applicants can then choose to complete checks online, or in-store" appear, along with an icon.
Audio: Eligible applicants can then choose to complete checks online, or in-store.
Visual: The post office disappears leaving the icon of the computer screen. The headline "Choose online" appears. Under this headline the words 'Upload documents' and 'Verify identity' appear with a tick alongside each.
Audio: Candidates who choose to complete online securely upload their documents and Australia Post will verify their identity.
Visual: The computer icon transitions into a phone icon, with a QR code on its screen. It is accompanied by the headline "Choose in-store' followed by 'Candidates receive a QR code to present in-store for verification'.
Audio: If they choose to complete in-store, they’ll receive a QR code to present at a participating Australia Post Office for identity verification.
Visual: The headline 'See real time status updates and results on your dashboard' appears with identity checks, police checks and via checks displayed on the computer screen with a tick alongside them.
Audio: Each candidate’s progress will be visible through real time status updates, and employment screening results will typically be displayed on your dashboard within two business hours.
Visual: A tick appears alongside each of the following points as they display appear in unison with a voice over:
'Simple and streamline'
'Screen employees faster'
'ACIC accredited'
'Help reduce candidate drop out'
'Help reduce cost per hire'
'Help and support for candidates and employers'
Audio: The Workforce Verification process is simple and streamlined, to help you screen employees faster. It’s also ACIC accredited. This helps you reduce candidate drop out, and cost per hire. We’ll also be there to provide help and support for candidates, and employers.
Visual: Everything disappears from the screen. The female figure reappears, and she gives a smile and glances to the side. As this occurs the headline 'Australia Post Workforce Verification' and the sub headline 'Your sharpest recruitment tool' appear on screen.
Audio: Australia Post Workforce Verification. Your sharpest recruitment tool.
Visual: The call to action appears at the bottom of the screen 'Find out more at

What you should know

  • All our pre-employment checks comply with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission’s new government and industry regulations, which came into effect July 2018.
  • There is no limit to the number of candidate checks you can process with Workforce Verification. However, you can only upload details of up to 1000 candidates at a single time.
  • The cost of using Workforce Verification varies depending on the volume of checks required. Request a callback to find out more.

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