When we connect, we feel better

The Post Office is the centre point for over 4,000 communities Australia-wide. Our posties often go above and beyond to watch out for the people they deliver to, and as a postal service, we facilitate millions of connections between Australians each year.

We’re working to make mental health and wellbeing a part of everyday conversations, and helping to build stronger and more connected communities.

Our vast network enables us to help Beyond Blue deliver information to support mental health and wellbeing across Australia. Together with Beyond Blue, we aim to lead a positive change in the way Australians talk about mental health because when we connect, we feel better.

Stories of connection

There has never been a more important time to talk openly about mental health. Meet two people who are doing just that.

Beyond Blue volunteer speakers David and Samuel share their mental health journeys, and talk about why connection matters to them. They’re encouraging Australians to connect with their friends, family, communities and culture and to have open conversations about mental health.

Resources from Beyond Blue

Boost your mental wellbeing

If you’re looking to improve your mental health and wellbeing, or want to support those around you, Beyond Blue has stories, tips and strategies to inspire you to achieve your personal best.

Connect with the community

Sometimes, just knowing that someone else has gone through a similar experience can make a world of difference in getting through a difficult time. Join the welcoming and supportive community at the Beyond Blue Online Forums.

How to have the conversation

Are you going through a tough time, or worried about someone else? Starting the conversation is important but it can be hard. Beyond Blue has developed a range of resources to help you navigate this challenging topic.

Find out more about our work with Beyond Blue

Explore our other mental health initiatives

Our 2020 Community Grants

This year’s Community Grants program will fund  organisations whose projects help improve connection and mental wellbeing in local communities. Because now more than ever, feeling a sense of belonging is especially important. Grants will be announced on 12 October.

Sharing mental health insights with our business community

Adapting to new working environments and rhythms during the pandemic can be stressful.

For managers and leaders guiding their people through this new reality, Beyond Blue has strategies to help protect your people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Promoting Beyond Blue's Coronavirus Support Service

The pandemic has reshaped the way we live, and coping with such drastic changes can be tough.

If you’re struggling, Beyond Blue’s dedicated Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service can help.

This free service offers evidence-based information, advice and support for managing your mental health and wellbeing during the pandemic.