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When we connect, we feel better

At Australia Post, we facilitate millions of connections each year.  Our Post Offices and our people are at the centre of over 4,000 communities.

We’ve partnered with Beyond Blue to make mental health and wellbeing a part of everyday conversations and to build stronger, more connected communities. Our national network enables us to help Beyond Blue reach millions of individuals and businesses across Australia with mental health information.

Together, we aim to connect more people with mental health and wellbeing resources and services, and each other - because when we connect, we feel better. 

Stories of connection

There has never been a more important time to talk openly about mental health. Meet Beyond Blue volunteer speakers Fatimah, Jo, David and Samuel who share their mental health journeys and talk about why connection matters to them.  They’re encouraging people across Australia to connect with their friends, family, communities and culture and to have open conversations about mental health.

Resources and Support Services for individuals and small businesses